Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In the Press

We forgot to mention in our last post that the Family Stiles was featured in an article in the May issue of East Bay Monthly, a local features magazine. The story is about the Alta Bates NICU and all the great work they do there. Check it out!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Good News from the Pulmonologist & Other Big Happenings

First, of course we must take a moment to wish Elaine a Happy First Mother's Day!

Milo takes Mom for a pre-Mother's Day drive, along with Ella, Maddy, Jeff & Laura.

The big news this week is that M&M's pulmonologist has declared them free to go to crowded places. The babies had an appointment this past Friday, and they are apparently doing remarkably well. The doctor says they may still be somewhat more susceptible to colds, but they should generally handle them and recover about as well as any other child. Imagine that!

Along with the check-up, M&M were weighed and measured. Interestingly enough, both babies apparently shrank about an inch since their last doctor's appointment (see the April 1 blog entry). The error was probably due to a faulty measurement last month -- Friday's measurements seemed more scientifically rigorous.

26.25 inches long
15 lbs. 3.9 ozs.
42.5 cm head circumference

26.75 inches long
17 lbs. 9.2 ozs.
41.5 cm head circumference

Obviously Maddy is having no trouble getting chubby. Milo's not doing too bad either, but he could stand to pork out a bit.

The babies also hosted our east coast friends Jeff & Laura & their 20-month-old daughter Ella this week. Motivated by Ella's fearlessness, M & M took their first ride on the swing set at our local park. Luckily, I remembered the camera and got a couple videos of the momentous event.

Maddy & Mom. Notice Ella flying high in the left side of the frame.

Milo gets his first air time.

In other news, the babies completed their first of many assessments on their development and the results are basically solid. As expected, they are a couple months behind in a few areas -- in general, Milo is a bit behind on gross motor skills and Maddy is still a bit behind on vocalization. Milo will likely start receiving a weekly visit from a physical therapist to help get him get caught up -- it shouldn't take too much. Maddy does vocalize and she seems to be catching up quickly. In other related news, she is doing a good job of supporting herself on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. That's a pretty good sign that she'll be crawling before too long.

We have another more in-depth assessment coming up at the end of the month at Alta Bates follow-up clinic. Stay tuned.

Mom & Milo - 11 May 09 at Fisherman's Wharf

Dad & Maddy - 11 May 09 at Fisherman's Wharf