Wednesday, October 15, 2008

4 Months Old!

Today of course marks four months of Maddy & Milo and the kids' long-time primary nurse, Auntie Janet, decorated to mark the big occasion.

As you all probably know, the 15th means it's time for the Mr. Bear growth comparison. Take a look at the shots below and then look back at some of the earlier photos of the babies with these stuffed animals. It's amazing how much the babies have grown.

Milo sleeps off a milk hangover with his pals.

Guess what color Maddy's eyes are?

Janet spends a little QT with the babies. M&M are sporting the
great pumpkin hats she knitted for them.


Heather said...

Happy 4th-month birthday M&M!!! The hats are too cute! Love to see the progress in their growth.

richard said...

I love Milo's eyes in the last picture. He totally has the "dude... I just had some great milk...heh"