Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men

Maddy & Milo wishing you and yours a happy holiday ;)

Like all new parents, we decided to take cutesy pictures of the babies for Christmas cards this years. It only took about 40 shots (thank God for digital cameras), but we did finally come up with a usable photo. No, not the one above -- that one was one of the two dozen or so throw-aways. Believe it or not, they did settle down and even smile a little.

Maddy just seems to get bigger and bigger. Tomorrow we have to bring the kids in for another Synagis shot and they'll get weighed in then. I'm gambling that Maddy is pushing 13 lbs. She has already out grown her newborn size clothing and she's getting a bit big for the the 3-month-0ld sizes too. In the picture above, she's wearing a 3-6 month old size.

Milo's getting bigger too, but his sister is definitely the heavy weight of the two. Milo is probably in the 11 lb range somewhere. We'll see tomorrow. Milo is developing well otherwise. He has great head control and - as you can see - can lift himself up pretty well and even roll over from his tummy to his back.

Maddy's pretty strong too -- she's just more portly. But in a good way.


richard said...

I love that you posted the fussy children pics. Milo looks hilarious. This is one of those pics that when they get older, they will be like... "um... mom... dad... what were you doing?" i love it!

Janet said...

Hey Family Stiles,
Happy Holidays!
M&M look so great. I can hardly believe their weight gain. And they certainly seem to enjoy "tummy time!"
The NICU seems a little quieter without you all amd room 15 seems a little desolate, but your blog keeps all your old primaries happy. Thanks for all the great updates and snappy commentary.
Auntie J
ps: Elaine, I sent you an e-mail re:twin-sitting. Let me know!:)

Eileen said...

The babies are getting so big - Maddie outweighs Henry (he is on the skinny side) and he isn't a preemie! They look great.

Heather said...

Love the pictures!!

By the way, did M&M receive their gifts? I can't track their package for some reason.
Loves to all.

Michael McWhirter said...

top photo is an absolute winner :-)

A very belated happy new year to you too from Michael and Rachel