Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vampire Baby and Other Interesting Pictures

Good lighting, crazy expression, and a rubber ducky placed gingerly in nature's vase. Viola! The perfect baby picture. The only thing missing are the fangs.

My old buddy Brandon and his wife Erin were in town for a visit during the first week of July. I've known Brandon since I was only a couple years older than M&M are now. Great to catch up and introduce the kids.

Maddy enjoys her new stuffed piggy.

Milo puts the finishing touches on my Father's Day card.

Maddy deep in thought.

Milo doing what he does best.

Above to pictures: M&M watch their first parade on the 4th.

Maddy at home.

Maddy & Milo rock out. Babies and maracas - a winning combination.


Heather said...

LOVE the pictures!!!! They are just so cute. It is wonderful that you get out so often with them. They look so happy. It's really great!

It's great to see Brandon again too. I haven't seen him since your wedding.

Janet said...
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Janet said...

Dear Elaine and Rob,
Just wanted you to know how much joy I receive from viewing Milo and Maddy's blog. Having seen them so very small and vulnerable, I am thrilled to now view their increasing development, growth and accomplishments.
Xs and Os to the M&Ms. please.
Auntie Janet