Saturday, September 19, 2009

15 Months!

On September 26th, the babies will turn one year old corrected age. We're not celebrating it as another birthday, but it is fun to observe from a developmental standpoint. All in all, they are doing really well. They have both decisively picked up a new word "Up!" and both are continuing to motor around the house on their hands and knees. We have an increasingly rare doctor's appointment on Monday, and we'll find out their latest weights and measures. Should be exciting times -- come on! big numbers! big numbers!

Maddy is now clearly able to get off of the couch and other relatively low surfaces on her own - she kinda' backs up and drops her legs over the edge and then lets her self down. Very cute to watch. Maddy's third tooth is also starting to get more visible. Hopefully she'll get a few more so she can start looking a little more like Elly May and a little less like Granny Clampett.

Maddy - 19 September 2009

For his part, Milo is his usual bouncy self. He can't quite catch either of the cats yet, but he's trying awfully hard. I forgot to mention that we discovered a couple weeks back that Milo can climb stairs now. Hopefully he'll learn to push a lawn mower and vacuum soon too - or at least mix a nice White Russian. I kid.

Milo - 19 September 2009

Milo, Madeline, & Mom hanging out at Lafayette Reservoir - 12 September 2009

Maddy claps along.

Milo looking a little surprised.


Krista said...

Seriously--those are some cute kids. Really cute! Are you going to the NICU reunion in two weeks?

rstiles said...

Yah, we'll be at the reunion alright. You and Bill going? Nurse Janet assures me there'll be an open bar and a roulette wheel so plan accordingly! ;) BTW: I think it's time for us all to take another trip to Speisekammer. You in?

Krista said...

Roulette wheel? Awesome! Open bar? Perfect! They said immediate family only. Do you think it'd be okay to leave Molly at home?

We are in for speisekammer, even though the last time we were there our car got hit in the parking lot--hit and run. Jerk. BUT...the great bartender gave us free drinks for our pain and suffering.