Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mad Skills!

It brings a tear to my eye. The way the kids are coming along, they'll be able to push a lawn mower, a vacuum cleaner, or even a wheelbarrow in no time at all! Then we'll teach them to make shoes and weave rugs, and that's when the big bucks start rolling in. But seriously, the kids continue to make great progress with their walking and standing skills. Although Maddy was the first to figure out how to push the cart around, Milo has really taken off with it. Today was the first time we took them outside with the gizmo, and - not surprisingly - M&M were on a mission.

Maddy sprints down the sidewalk sporting her fashionable knee pads, which were designed from an old pair of Dad's socks. In her enthusiasm to go fast, Maddy ends up falling on her knees a lot. It doesn't seem to phase her in the least, but the knee pads are essential to keeping her smile and pants intact.

Maddy looking determined. Notice her hemangioma is almost completely gone.

Milo stops to look at the fountain. Both babies really enjoyed being able to walk around, and I was surprised to see that M&M would periodically stop and look at things rather than just trucking on by. It let me realize how frustrating it must be to get whisked around in a stroller without ever getting to stop and look at the things that interest you (and without ever being able to say "stop"). By the way, notice our cat Mouse in the background.

Milo practices good lawn mowing form. Yes, all in good time little man!

Above: Milo takes a stroll.

Exhibit 1. And speaking of heavy chores... As most of you who know us may know, Elaine and I generally keep a pretty clean house. Behold (above and below) what's become of us. Hopefully the Department of Social Services isn't monitoring this site. Yes, we do clean up after, and the floors get washed a few times a day. This is just a showcase of a particularly bad moment in the life of a kitchen where twin infants reside.

Exhibit 2. Nothing says neat freak like a trash can on the dishwasher and a recycling bin on the fridge. What's the alternative? Leave em' on the floor and it's a sure bet both babies will knock them over, crawl inside, and make a fort in the old coffee grounds and moldy breads.

Heading into snack time. Maddy examines her tray for any food that may be stuck underneath from lunch. Nope, none.

Snack time. Milo does what he does best, steal food from Maddy's tray. There's nothing so delicious stolen fig bar.

On the health front, both babies seem to be catching a series of colds. By my count, I think they've both caught about 5 or so since starting daycare back in August. The good news is that they've weathered it all very well. M&M remain in good spirits even when sick, though they have had some pretty rough coughs, and the lines of snot have at times resembled thick, greenish yellow shoe laces. Add the fact that they are both drooling machines due to the latest round of teething, and it makes for several wardrobe changes a day. That includes all of us, since the babies love to wipe their noses off on Mom and Dad whenever we pick them up.

We had a bit of a scare last week when I came down with some strain of the flu (probably not H1N1). It was enough for all of us to end up on Tamiflu. Luckily, it only appeared to hit me, and - other than some serious body aches - the virus passed uneventfully. Both babies have received flu shots and the H1N1 vaccine. Hopefully they'll get nothing worse than a cold this season. RSV is still a concern (see last year's posts), but the babies will not be immunized against it this season.

In other news, the kids were due for a visit to the Alta Bates follow-up clinic, but we rescheduled for next month due to concerns over their potential flu exposure. We should find out more about how the kids are progressing and developing then. For now, things look good.


Mom said...

It so fun to see how M&M are just developing up a storm. I love the movie of Milo pushing the cart, he does it with such ease!

Not uncommon for children to initially get one cold after another when they start day care, but I can imagine it is not easy having to deal with two snotty noses and clingy, almost, toddlers. Must be a relief though that only Rob got the flu and nobody else.

Keep posting the fun updates, keeps us optimistic!(no pressure here ;-)


rstiles said...

Thanks Kat! Elaine and I are really hoping that Loki's latest surgery resolves the feeding issues for you all. Although we've been through a lot with M&M, we've been mercifully lucky with feedings for the most part. Maddy's reflux was awful, but it finally resolved this summer. After a couple false starts, we were finally able to ween her off the Prevacid. It seemed like just about every food caused horrible problems for her, and we were constantly trying to get the medication and doses right. It's hard to believe, but that period is becoming an increasingly distant memory. Though Maddy's gross motor skills are still effected by all her past reflux issues. Her movements are much more jagged and less controlled than Milo's currently. But they get better with each visit from the PT.

All the best,

grandpa said...

It really makes my day when I get home and see a new blog, I hope you used new socks for Maddy !!! you forgot I used to wash those things poor baby (probly better off burning) don't blame the kids for the kitchen looks like your bedroom how quick we forget
ah yes payback, can't wait to see everyone at Christmas

richard sucre said...

I totally love it. They will be walking in no time. And, I couldn't help but notice a nice fat white kitty with a big ole belly waddle!!!

rstiles said...

Rich, Mouse asks about you all the time. Nothing spruces up a new apartment like a lightly used cat. Say the word and she's all yours!

Heather said...

I am so glad that you continue to update us on M&M's progress and happenings. I may not comment every time, but I check here every other day. Your blogs ALWAYS given me a smile! I miss all of you tons and hope to see you all soon.