Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recent Pictures

Today - Maddy demonstrates her new walking skills. She took her first "official" steps the day before this photo, but - as is usually the case - no camera was at the ready.

Milo - 11 Dec 2009

11 Dec 2009 - Milo shows off. Just a couple weeks ago the little guy was only putting together a couple steps, now he's crossing rooms. Great stuff!

A day at the park. Milo likes the slide but loves the swings.

As is to be expected, Maddy is exactly the opposite. She's happiest when she's going down a slide. Hopefully it's a prelude to a great love of snowboarding.

Of course, she likes the swings too.

The standard staged Christmas photo. It took about 40 shots to get this one shot, and in the end we decided to put something else on the X-mas cards. The funny thing is that Maddy loves sitting in the wagon and Milo really does like to push her around in it. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get very good photos of it.

Today: Maddy sits on her rocket car and watches the Wiggles.

Today: Elaine was able to get this excellent shot of Maddy at dinner. She like to use her hair as a napkin. Her appearance is all her doing. Very nice!

More tub time pics.

Another great tub time shot. The babies don't typically bathe together. Frankly, it's a lot tougher, especially since Milo never sits still. In order to preserve Milo's (eventual) sense of modesty, I took the liberty of adding a redaction box just sufficient to keep all the family secrets from public view.


Julie said...

appears to be a pretty big secret.

Bill said...

That 'big secret' made me laugh harder than 30 Rock (last Thursday I had to pause the show in order to finish my laugh).

rstiles said...

Well, I had to make sure to cover the whole thing ;)

Brian said...

What people don't realize is that the bath was ice cold. He is, after all, a Stiles...

grandpa said...

Milos hair goes with his pjs, and I see maddy is just like Elaine and me find a spot and watch T.V
Brian you are right , I don't know were Rob got the lack of HEATor hot water but not from me !!!!!!!!
Bob/ Grandpa

rstiles said...

Brian -- Notice my Dad didn't get what you were implying? That just speaks to how unsurprised the Stiles men are by the routine need for plus-sized redaction boxes. ;)

Sarah V said...

I'm guessing that more than a few men might think a secret that...umm...substantial isn't meant to be kept secret.

Oh, and congrats to Maddy on the walking-- a fabulous accomplishment!


Mom said...

Love the pictures! Milo's hair priceless! Also really enjoying Maddy's food face! Maybe we should be more respectful of Loki's private parts as well? We've shared it more than he will be grateful for when he is in college ;-)

Donna said...

I know I can always count on a good laugh when I log into the site to check on my babies! They are turning into kids! They look absolutely fabulous. Still miss you all bunches and hope you have a very Merry Christmas! How can you not with those two beautiful kids!!