Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mustache-A-Thon 2010!

As some of you know, I'm competing in the 5th Annual Beard500 - Mustache Division. It's fair to say that few things remind us of Megan's List like seeing me with a mustache. So, how can I turn such a force for ill repute into something that brings some good? Recently, a well-intentioned friend offered to buy me a giant trophy if I immeidately dropped out of the Beard500 and shaved off Mus-Caliber. And thus a great idea was born. So, here's the plan -- I will gladly shave off this hideous thing once I have raised at least $300 to benefit NICU families at Alta Bates (Milo & Maddy's alma mater). I will use the $300 to buy twelve $25 gift certificates for the families of infants at the NICU to use for purchases of food, local services, baby items, etc.

As Elaine and I learned during the four and a half months of M&M's hospitalization at Alta Bates, the financial toll can be huge. We spent roughly 6+ hours a day in the NICU, which means a lot of meals out, parking, and fuel expenses every day, in addition to reduced income. Many families are financially strapped to begin with, and worrying about how to pay for a decent meal or a parking garage should be the last concern for a family struggling with a very sick baby/babies.

So how can you help? Easy, contribute whatever you can. Whether the reason is to finally see the demise of Mus-Caliber or to support a great cause, give til' it hurts! I don't have any particular system for collection, and you'll have to trust my accounting. You can donate a few different ways: OPTION (1) If you have an account with PayPal, use PayPal to transfer money by going to Login, then select the "Send Money" tab; enter email address rstiles3 at gmail dot com (obviously write it like a normal email address - that's just to protect me from spambots); then enter the amount; and select the "Personal" tab and the "gift" option. OPTION (2) Send a check to me (email me for the address if you don't have it); or OPTION (3) the easiest, hand me cash. If you prefer, you can buy the gift certificate yourself -- there is a Whole Foods right next to Alta Bates and I'm sure something like Babys-R-Us would also be welcome.

Finally a bonus option: Anyone who contributes more than $50 will be entered in the drawing to personally shave off this hideous thing.


Krista said...

awesome idea!
--Krista and Molly

grandpa said...

do I get around trip ticket if I win, $500.00 South west or $300.00
this is a no brainer (very good idea) I'll take $50.00
check in mail Monday 1-18-10

Marsha D said...

I'll send $75.00 to Krista to get to you and if you draw my name, all three of the alums from Alta bates that I know get to shave you! (That would be Molly, and your twins!)

rstiles said...

Thanks all! You're the best! I'm looking forward to having this thing removed -- even if it means being shaved by toddlers. I think my wife feels the same. The problem is that there's a new group of trouble makers who have cropped up -- their taking a collection to force me to keep this awful thing.