Thursday, February 4, 2010

Buckets Full of Sickness and Horror and Some Nice Christmas Pictures

I've been meaning to post pictures from the holidays, but between work, sick kids, and visitors, time has been thin of late. Let's start with the latest on the health front.

The good news is that the kids are holding up well. The RSV has passed, though the pronounced cough lingers on. The kids appeared to be doing very well toward the end of last week, and, with the doctor's concurrence, we decided to proceed with our planned visit to Tahoe. We kept the kids bundled up, and frankly they really didn't spend much time outside. But after we got home, it seemed like Milo was sick all over again. So, off to the doctors once more where there were concerns about a potential pneumonia -- it was either that or he had managed to pick up another virus. His pediatrician started him on antibiotics and Elaine brought him back in yesterday for follow-up. His lungs sounded fine but the decision was to keep him on his meds.

As you probably guessed, Maddy also caught RSV shortly after Milo. She still has a pretty rough cough, but her lungs also appear to be in good shape. It's bad enough that it wakes her up at night several times, but she has been in good spirits otherwise. Here's hoping we'll eventually hit a nice month long stretch of no illnesses. They're due!

In other news, M&M have finally graduated from the infant room at daycare. Milo was supposed to start full time in the pre-toddler room this week, but, due to sickness, today was his first full day. He wasn't his usual self, and was pretty weepy the entire day. Maddy has been transitioning this week, and will be a full time pre-tod starting Monday. She seems to love every moment of the new room -- pretty surprising since she normally take sa while to warm up to things. I'm still not quite sure why they call it "pre-toddler" since M&M and all of the other children all seem to fit the definition of just plain old toddler. But who knows? It's a while new world for them: M&M were becoming bored giants in the infant room, and now they are relative squirts compared to the other kids. Both M&M seem to really enjoy their new class, though, and there's a lot more to capture their interest.

On with the pictures...

A pensive Maddy on a chilly NorCal day - Approx. 12/20/2009

A holiday visit from Grandpa. Milo gets a tickle - Approx. 12/20/2009

Christmas Breakfast - 12/25/2009

Maddy inspects the presents - 12/25/2009

Milo digs his first car.

And so does Maddy.

Maddy wearing Christmas present camouflage. Can you spot her?

M&M and Grandpa bask in the warm glow of the Wiggles.

One of the interesting facets of Maddy's sensory issues is that she loves the feeling of fleece on her face. That's made her new hat from Aunt Heather an instant favorite. Removing it usually results in a tantrum, so we just leave it on.

More hat. This time Maddy tries out Milo's.

New hat and a phat new ride. Life is good.

1/14/2010 - Just about 19 months old. Milo takes a brisk walk.

2/1/2010 - Milo's favorite toys.

Maddy's pre-meal entertainment. Notice the scratch on her face? Poor Maddy has a bad habit of falling and banging her head. We're going to have her hearing and inner ear checked in the next few weeks to rule out any major issues. Either that or no more toddler fight club.

Milo cruises along.


Heather said...

I do believe M&M's cool Auntie Heather bought them the fleece hats and gloves ;)

rstiles said...

Oops! My bad... Correction made ;)

Sarah V said...

So glad the kids are on the mend and enjoying the new room (well, I'm sure Milo will enjoy it more when he is feeling better). I remember when Auden transitioned to the toddler room after being in the infant room. I could not believe how social she became and hoe much she progressed in the new environment. It was a good fit.

I LOVE the pictures! They are priceless!
Lots of love,

Mom said...

I am happy M&M are doing so much better! I am looking forward to see you briefly tomorrow as I drop off Rebecca :-)