Friday, April 16, 2010

22 Months Old!

22 months old (calendar age) already! Hard to believe, but with (most) of the preemie challenges behind us, we've settled into a pretty normal routine. These days, Mom gets the kids ready and drops them off for daycare most mornings. I pick em' up in the afternoons and take them home for a little more playtime and then make them dinner. We do baths and pajamas, and then a bottle and some reading before they head off to bed around 7:00 or so. (We're looking to ween them off the bottles over the next month or so.)

On weekends, we usually head to the park or go somewhere. Of late, we've been taking the kids to a children's play gym called Gymboree where they goof around and play. We usually take them out for lunch -- the kids both love eating quesadillas from our local Mexican joint. Although they typically throw most of the food I prepare for them either on the floor or at me, they do a pretty good job when they eat out. Maddy especially loves to look around and wave and blow kisses at the people in the restaurant.

The next big step is to get the kids swimming. They both enjoy the water, and I figure once they are decent swimmers, we can look into buying the "family raft" for some very mellow floats on mild whitewater. That's probably 5 or 6 months away at least -- maybe a year. We'll see.

4/12/2010 - Maddy and Mom getting ready for bed.

Maddy after bath.

Clearly his father's son, Milo loves to wash his hands repeatedly.

4/12/2010 - Maddy doing a diaper check on Milo. Hopefully it was all clear. M&M hang out in at home during a wet NorCal spring day.

The living room gets taken over.

M&M at Sadie Dey's Cafe in Oakland. The whole business model of Sadie Dey is pretty brilliant - provide a place for parents to enjoy a coffee while the kids play. Mostly it's a lot of fun, the problem is that on a rainy day the place is packed to the gills with damp, screaming toddlers. Still fun, just a little hectic.

I'm really surprised that no one has opened one of these places here in Alameda, who's unofficial slogan is "Alameda, where hipsters go to breed." We've got five high end children's clothing shops within two blocks of each other, but no hipster coffee joint with a playground in it.

The kids love the play kitchen. They spend about half an hour taking out and putting in a plastic chicken in the freezer. Who wouldn't?

Milo enjoys his fruit cup at Sadie.

4/11/2010 - Maddy playing in the courtyard.

4/11/2010 - The Pixie. Even with the rainy days, we're still seeing more sunshine and Maddy seems to be getting blonder and blonder.

4/15/2010 - Milo and Maddy at daycare during a Cowboy Jared visit. We're lucky enough to have a daycare on base within a five minute walk of Dad's office. Once a week, the signing Cowboy Jared comes for a visit. Maddy in particular, but Milo too, really loves to dance around and clap. I think she was a little distracted during this visit because Dad was there too.

Maddy sits closest to Cowboy Jared and Milo sits in the front row too.

Sing along with Cowboy Jared. This guy must have the greatest job in the world. Yet another reason for me to hate my high school guidance counselor -- he completely failed to mention the possibility of becoming a singing cowboy. I sincerely hope M&M consider this option -- it would beat law school by miles!

4/17/2010 - M&M at Gymboree. It was "through" day at Gymbo -- which means the whole theme is to get the kids to go through things -- hoops, tunnels, etc.

Milo and Mom bang along to the music at Gymbo.


Krista said...

Cute, cute kiddos there! I think Sadie Dey's is a brilliant idea, too (although we've only been once). What is REALLY needed, though, is an outdoor beer garden with a fenced-in playground. Seriously! That would be awesome and safe. And some live music thrown in would be great, too. They would NEVER have to stay open past 8:30. They would make a fortune!!!

anthea said...

with tears in my eyes, i write to tell you of my sheer joy in reading about, watching, seeing, knowing & loving those little amazing monkeys as they grow up.

love to you all.

Donna said...

You as a singing that I would love to see. The kids look great! I cannot believe how fast they are growing but, then again I did tell you that would happen didn't I? Hope all is well with the four of you!

Mom said...

What a great update! M&M look like such big kids! Whenever you have that raft let us know. Loki is practicing some whitewater splashing in the pool. I think he may be up for a wild ride soon!

If you ever want to come swim at our place btw, we would love to have you over. Maybe lunch and a dip in the pool when weather permits?


Heather said...

Awesome pictures! It's so wonderful to see them doing so well and to see them doing so many fun things! Jacob loved Gymboree too! Witty and entertaining narrative, as always!
Love & miss you all.