Monday, May 31, 2010

Almost Two Years

At home watching Wiggles

Maddy occasionally hugs Milo. It's very cute, but Milo isn't very impressed with it.

M&M during a snack break at the Oakland Farmers Market - 29 May 2010

All loaded into the car seats and ready to go. 29 May 2010

Milo feeling giggly after eating yogurt. Notice the lad has his first skinned knee.

M&M enjoying their first wagon ride in their birthday gift from Grandpa.

Milo at Fairyland in Oakland - 3o May 2010

Maddy loves looking at animals. Here she tries to pull herself into the enclosure to visit with the donkey. Fairyland - 30 May 2010.

Here Maddy waves frantically at the llama to make sure she gets noticed. The llama noticed alright but wasn't terribly excited about. Fairyland 3o May 2010.

More Fairyland pictures.

Maddy wasn't sure what language the llama spoke, so she went with sheep -- "baa ba ba, baa baa ba, ba ba ba." The llama didn't appear to speak that particular dialect.

Post bath Milo.

Maddy gets a little crazy before bed time.

M&M visiting Little Farm at Tilden Park in Berkeley. 31 May 2010.

Maddy doing laps at the playground at Tilden Park.

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Tracy said...

NO way! They are already two? Time does fly...seriously though, the M&Ms are adorable. We miss you and hope see you all soon!