Friday, October 1, 2010

"Two Years Old" & Second Year At Home

A couple interesting milestones over these past couple weeks. The first is that the kids both reached the second anniversary of their actual due date. (Recall that M&M were actually due on September 26, 2008 but born June 15 instead -- a bit a head of schedule.) So what does the latest milestone mean? Well, for one thing, the whole "corrected age" thing we've referred to in the past comes to an end. The idea is that by the time a preemie reaches the second anniversary of their due date, they should be developmentally caught up. Some say it should apply until about 2.5 years, but hey, close enough...

More significant, it was two years ago that Maddy was released from Alta Bates and able to come home after about 110 days in the NICU. (Milo came home about two weeks later.) See

In honor of the big day, here are a few pictures to show how far she's come.

Maddy - 2 October 2009. About 3.5 months old (two weeks corrected age), About 7 lbs, and no teeth for a long time to come.

3 October 2009. Just about 21 lbs; roughly 3.5 teeth; and wearing size 4.5 shoes.

25 September 2010. Looking fly in her pink car and fancy duds. Weight - over 27 lbs. Teeth - too many to count. Shoe size - 7. Haircut - Mom Special.

3 October 2010 - Maddy at the park.

Of course, two years means it was also time for the Alta Bates NICU reunion, which the whole family attended last week. It was great to see several of the kids former doctors and nurses (we missed several who couldn't make it - we'll have to swing by for a visit in the coming weeks!). It was also nice to meet several families who knew the kids and their story from this blog. Thanks so much for following!

Tune in next time for a look back at Milo. In the meantime...

2 October 2010 - Milo on a first visit to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Hiking and snacking.


Brian said...

That video gave me heart palpitations. I have vivid memories of getting stuck on a climber like that as a kid. It was a full half circle... climbing up to the peak was fine, but then you reach the peak and are staring into the abyss at your own mortality... you can't back up, you can't go forward. I think I sat on the top and just cried until my mom came and got me off. What made it even worse was how all the other kids on the senior class trip laughed at me.

(actually Community Lake Park in Wallyworld, circa 1979)

rstiles said...

Dude, you're the funniest man alive. I wish we lived closer to you - and by that I mean that I wish you'd give up on CT already and move out to California for the next three years until we have to move, and you should relocate with us to wherever I get stationed - no matter even if it's Guam - and then do the same same thing all over in the next 3/4 years after that and so on...