Monday, March 30, 2015

Mostly March 2015 With Some Bonus February

 Maddy at home - 2-13-15

Tilden Park Merry-Go-Round - 2-15-15

 M&M get ready for the school Chinese New Year Parade. Even louder than you might think.

 Milo does his dragon look.

 Milo at the Oakland Museum of Art's Chinese New Year Festival

Even yet still more swim lessons.  They're getting pretty solid in the water!

 Maddy and Ian. 

My literary kids - 3-6-15

Fairyland, Oakland - 3-7-15

The kiddos may be ready to try snowboarding. 

Maddy and the usual pre-bedtime acrobatics. 3-7-15

 A ride with the neighbors. Maddy has become pretty solid on the bike!

Milo's not far behind...

 A visit with Matt and Michelle. 3-19-15

 The usual ice cream evolution. 3-21-15

Milo shows Matt and Michelle how to rock the slide.

 Grizzly Peak Road, Berkeley, CA - 3-21-15

 Maddy helps me lock the bikes during a family ride to downtown. 3-22-15

 I'm going to have her eat purple fruit snacks before her first date. 3-27-15

 Another Happy Hollow visit. We still really like this place, but this is probably the last year the kids will enjoy it. Elaine and I watched Maddy take what's likely to be her final ride in the little police car above.  This was the very first ride she took, four years ago now. The thrill isn't the same...
 They still like the roller coaster though.
 Enjoying the Happy Hollow maze Milo style.
 Milo lost his first tooth recently. Easy money!

Ole's Cafe for Breakfast for dinner.  Notice Maddy is still in her ballet clothes. 

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