Saturday, January 17, 2009

7 Months Old!

Hard to believe M&M have been around for 7 months, but they passed the big 7 mark this past Thursday. As always, we marked the occasion by breaking out the camera and taking pictures of the twins with Mr. Bear. This month was interesting because it was the first time the kids have had some limb control. Normally I kinda' prop them up in the chair and try and snap the picture before they tip over. This month they were squirming around and trying to fit the stuffed animals in their mouths.

Milo and his old roommate

Mmmmm, woolly.

Maddy decides where she wants the bear.

In other news, Milo had his final eye exam this past week. His eyes have finally matured, and he no longer has any signs of retinopathy. It's nice to have one less doctor to visit. Though we have a pretty busy next couple weeks: Milo will have a swallow study completed on Jan. 28; both twins will receive a follow-up flu vaccine on the 30th; the twins will visit their pulminologist on Feb. 2; Milo will finally have his hernia surgery on Feb. 4; and they'll both receive yet another Synagis immunization (that's different from a flu shot) on Feb. 6. Oh yeah, and Lisa, their infant development specialist, will swing by for her weekly visit each Monday.

Most of the above probably looks like familiar stuff, but, for those unfamiliar, the swallow study is necessary to determine whether Milo is aspirating milk and to help us determine if he has any other feeding related problems. By the way, "aspiration" is the entry of fluid into the
airway below the vocal chords. Aspiration is bad stuff and can lead to pneumonia. So far, Milo has been pretty healthy, but he's always been a bit of a sloppy eater. The swallow study should help to get him on track and rule out aspiration.


jeanelle said...

Hi Milo and Madeline! It's so nice to see you growing up so fast! I wish you guys the best! And also, it's so nice to see you with Mr. Bear and how big you've grown!

~Rhea, RN (Alta Bates finest Meal Break nurse...hahha)

Janet said...

If you both keep growing so well, Mr. Bear will soon need his own chair:) Miss you all. Ask your mom and dad if it would be okay for me to come babysit again. They could go out...or even just go to sleep!
Xs and Os to my M&M.
Auntie J

rstiles said...

Hey Ladies!

Thanks very much -- they are definitely getting bigger, especially Maddy. Believe it our not, we are just about out of all of our stored milk. We had a 7 sq/ft freezer full from all the pumping Elaine did over the summer. We're down to about a week's worth. After that they'll be getting probably 50% formula/50% breast milk. Depending on production.

Babysitting is always welcome. Maddy and Milo are desparately bored of looking at us all the time and are ready to go on strike. Hmmm a night out or sleep? That's a tough decision...

Janet, I hope you're going to get to do something special on the 27th! ;)

R, E, M&M

Linda said...

Hey Stiles Family!

Your blog is awesome! I can't believe how much the twins have grown up and how big they are....what a crazy 7 months you have had. Do you agree with the other moms of multiples that the worst day at home is still better than the best day in the hospital?
Each time I walk into room #15, I think of you all and smile that you are home. The NICU nurses will never forget the four of you. I still want to visit you one Tuesday when I am in Alameda visiting my mom.
Thanks for letting the rest of us share in your amazing story!
one of your many NICU nurses

Sarah V said...

The babies are looking wonderful! I can't believe it has been 7 months, and they are doing so well. Crossing fingers and sending good wishes for Milo's surgery next week and for a great pulmonologist check-up.

Sarah, Matthew, and Auden