Sunday, January 11, 2009

Telling the M&M Story

The twins made their first big public appearance this week when Elaine and I were asked to speak at the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center Partnership Council Annual Celebration and Goal Setting Workshop (or "ABSMCPCACGSW" for short). The purpose of the talk was to tell our story to the 80 or so healthcare professionals in attendance and give our take on the positives and negatives of the whole experience. The positives - as those familiar with this blog already know - include the great healthcare, especially our primary nurses. The negatives had mostly to do with the terrible (and I mean Biblically terrible) elevators. Better the elevators than the doctors, which pretty much goes without saying.

Speaking of nurses, our primary nurses Terri and Donna were both at the ABSMCPCACGSW, and they were kind enough to watch the kids while we kicked it on stage. I was Flavor Flav to Elaine's Chuck-D. All in all, people seemed to like the presentation, and M&M predictably stole the show.
Maddy takes a rare daytime nap.

Other than the highlight of the presentation, this has been a pretty tough week. Since losing Caitlyn, Elaine's been mostly on her own caring for the babies. It's one feeding-changing-napping-bathing-pumping-playing evolution after another and it can be pretty tiring. Elaine plans to begin working from home (primarily) part time in the coming weeks, so we're hoping to have a great helper/nanny soon.

Maddy returns from an afternoon walk to the Blue Dot Cafe.

Milo plays on the babies new monkey gym. They're both getting very good at grabbing and holding objects.

Maddy gives it a whirl.

Finally, another attempt at M&M Cinema. Here, Maddy pulls and bats at objects while cooing. Very exciting stuff.

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Heather said...

They are getting so big! They just keep getting more and more adorable! Thanks for the update. Miss you all!

Love to All,