Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garden Gnomes (and some video that only a grandparent could love)

A happier and healthier M&M this week!

Illness number 1 is now behind us and the twins did just fine. No major issues -- in fact M&M remained pretty much their normal selves throughout. There was the coughing, and we did have to give them the occasional shot on the inhaler, but all in all it could have been much worse. Many preemies need to hit the nebulizer or head back to the hospital. Our good luck may have had a lot to do with their regular Synagis shots.

On that note, we've decided to tote the lil' buggers to some of the big attractions around the Bay Area. We're good for about one trip a week. The plan is to gear up and lug the kids to at least one cool spot each week and of course take the standard "garden gnome" shot. Our plan was slightly foiled the first two weeks when we forgot to grab the camera, but we managed to remember it during our last two outings.

M&M sit unimpressed in front of the Golden Gate Bridge - 04/19/09.

Elaine strolls with the twins across the what's-it-called bridge. It ends up being a decent walk -- 3.4 miles for the round trip, plus another half mile or so to get to and from the car.

Briones State Park -- 04/25/09

Above: M&M hanging with their fat dad. Today's trip involved a much-needed long-ish hike at Briones. The several mile hike was mostly up hill headed out, and was a nice chance for me to try and shed some of the 20+ lbs I've put on over the last several months. I'd like to call it sympathy weight, but it's mostly just my inability to stop eating at the delicious Coast Guard galley -- which is even nicer than most public school cafeterias.

In other news, Maddy is now pulling herself up on to her knees. Maybe crawling is on the horizon?

Smiley Maddy hanging with Mom.

M&M during a morning play session.

Milo proves he can reach his feet just fine.

Maddy gets an evening bath -- one of her favorite things.

Milo feeds himself

Alrighty then... A few of you (grandparents mostly) have requested video of the twins. I finally figured out how to use the webcam, so here you have it -- a very long clip of the twins eating breakfast. Watch with fascination as Maddy nearly puts her breakfast bowl on her head (a la Aunt Heather). Be captivated as Milo nibbles dry toast. Well, you get the idea.


Sarah V said...

Wow, that first picture is exceptionally cute. Such beautiful babies! Glad to hear you are getting out and about with them. A new stage of their lives is upon you-- how exciting (and daunting, I'm sure, to manage it with two, but I am equally certain you both are up to the task!).

Lots of love,

Tracy said...

Love it! Just think, they went from milk to solids in the last few months. I have seen bowls with suction cups on the bottom to avoid the "wearing of b-fast on the head." Wait until they start eating cereal with spoons and then start using their fingers b/c apparently spoons don't shovel fast enough. Good times.

Kevin Mc said...

Rob - just more of you to love!! Don't worry, I'm sure that your first weekend man-retreat away(hiking / paddling a distant mountain while eating nothing by ramen noodles) will slim you back down to your usual malnourished looking self ;-) Glad to see the twins are doing so well, I love how parents just learn to accept the flailing arms and bowls / spoons almost on the floor. Just wait until they get to the "I'm ignoring you" stage - too much fun!

Donna said...

Are they adorable or what?!!! They look fabulous. I love the video with them eating! Milo looks like he's enjoying every bite and Maddie...Oh Rob are you in trouble when that girl turns 16!