Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A New Friend & Milo's Best Ever Picture

The latest stats:

16 lbs 8.5 oz
27.25 in.

14 lbs 9 ozs

As you can see, Maddy continues to dwarf her brother in the size department, but we've discovered one area where Milo has it all over Maddy -- eating solid food. The little guy can pack it away. The babies are eating two solid meals a day now -- breakfast and lunch -- Milo takes pretty much whatever we throw at him. Maddy is a bit more picky, and she gets particularly cranky if we don't allow her to have a lot of control over the spoon. Milo is pretty content to just let us shovel it in for him, though he get impatient if we don't keep it coming. This morning he knocked down 2 tbl spoons of oatmeal, 3 tbl spoons of prunes, and then he took another tbl spoon and a half of yogurt. Maddy ate about 4 tbl. spoons total. Even more surprising is the fact that Milo is actually a pretty clean eater. By comparison, we pretty much need to get out the fire hose after Maddy finishes.

Maddy eating her prunes in a quest for regularity.

Milo working on a third bowl of food.

Despite Milo's eating skills, Maddy is definitely more advanced with her fine motor skills. She loves playing with blocks and is very good at picking things up and moving them from hand to hand. Maddy will also play with two different things at once. (Right now I'm watching her hold a block in one hand an look at it and shake a rattle in the other.) Milo can change objects from hand to hand too, but he does it less often -- mostly he just grabs things and tries to shove them in his mouth. He does like to hold up things and inspect them too though.

In the last week or so, I've discovered that the babies like riding on my shoulders, Milo especially. The little guy gets up there and holds on to my ears like handle bars. Maddy likes it too, but just before we took the picture of her, she spit-up all over my head. I suggested taking the picture anyway, but Elaine wasn't so hot on the idea.

This weekend, M&M had their first playtime with another baby. Our friends Melita, Derek, and their 5-month-old Nicola visited the house, and the babies got a chance to roll around on the mat and size each other up. It's hard to imagine, but in just a few more months, their playtime will get a lot more interesting.

Milo, Maddy & Nicola hanging out.

Melita & Maddy

After visiting, we all headed out to the local beer garden for a Sunday afternoon tipple (and the world's greatest baby photo).

Derek, Melita, Elaine & Milo

That's my boy and a nice, tall Duvel.


billstron said...

You're right that is the worlds greatest baby photo! We have a few of Molly chewing on the top of beer bottles, but this one is way better.

Krista said...

are you at speissekammer??? we love that place. Let's go there on OUR play date, too!

Heather said...

LOL! I love Milo's expression in that last photo! What a riot! It is so wonderful to see them growing bigger and developing so well!

grandpa said...

At least hold out for JHONNIE WALKER BLACK ! if you were with me you would be drinking JHONNIE WALKER BLUE
Maddie good idea eating pruns and them have your father try and throw you on his shoulders

Helen said...

Good boy, Milo. He and Monty are definitely going to be tight. Monty is into Weissbier, see.
Loving the pics, and the tat is wild!
Helen xoxo