Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Big Visit Back East

We are back from our east coast trip to Connecticut and Boston and are glad to report that the babies did as well as anyone could have reasonably expected on the seemingly interminable flights. We did the smart thing and bought a row of three seats, though we technically could have flown with M&M as lap infants (that would have been ugly). The babies slept a lot on both trips, but for the last couple hours they were generally pretty miserable and Milo had a major case of the wiggles. Still, there was minimal screaming and crying, and pretty much everyone on the plane was cordial. I assumed that flying with twins would earn us most hated status, but people were genuinely helpful and tolerant. The highlight of the flight was discovering that my children are easily amused for an hour+ by a bag of free Southwest peanuts. The low-light was having Milo bounce up and down on my lap for an hour+.

By the way, we lost about 30 to 50 pictures. Please don't feel slighted if you don't see your picture below. I'll try and round up pictures from the other folks with cameras and post those as well.

Mom and M & M hanging out at Oakland Airport, getting ready for a long day of flying.

The whole family - 25 July 09 - Westbrook, Conn.

Grandpa & Nedra hold M & M during a visit.

Several generations on hand to meet M&M. Above: Aunt Vera, Aunt Jane, Michelle, Uncle Ray.

Some how the timing worked out perfectly, and we arrived in Connecticut the day before Elaine's sister went into labor with her new baby boy Zak. Above: Elaine & Nova (Zak's big sister) hanging out with the new addition.

The first week in CT, we rented a beach house in West Brook and had a great time connecting with (and introducing the babies to) our old friends. Felt like we were getting the band back together!

Above: Milo and Uncle "G." Brian & his wife Alyssa were responsible for the quilts you see in many of the blog photos, including the one above.

Above: Michelle contemplates Milo, while Matt regales us with tales about his new perm. How does Matt get such a nice, oily sheen? Soul Glo.

Eminent dog proctologist, Dr. Brian Holdt, offers Maddy 5 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact. Maddy was completely fascinated by his bushy face, as were we all.

It was great to get see Sarah & Matt again and finally meet their daughter, the famous Auden (wearing the lovely, orange dress above).

Like all children, Milo took an instant liking to Sarah. Above: Milo crashes hard.

It was also great to visit with my older brother and his wife Pam. Above: Auntie Pam and Maddy.

Above: Milo & Maddy out for a ride in the O'Hara family wagon. Although we never made it down to the beach, my buddy Mark and his wife Lauren were kind enough to loan us the wagon to entertain and transport the babies while we were in town.

Maddy hanging out with Uncle John.

Above: Aunt Pam, Milo, Maddy, Uncle John.

M & M playing together.

Uncle Lester & Aunt Sherry holding Maddy.

Also great to see our old UUA pal Merry, Madu, their daughter Alexa -- who was Maddy's new best friend for the day. Above: Alexa, Merry, & Maddy.

Aunt Louise, Ari, and CJ with M&M.

After a week in Connecticut, it was time to pack up the kids and head to Boston for a couple days of Euchre with the Uginos. Proud to say that Jeff and I maintained our card playing dominance over the wives. They had us on the ropes a couple times, but we just kept coming back, just like Rocky.

Jeff & Laura's little girl, Ella. Ella has enormous feet.

Crazy Uncle Jeff seen above reading the NY Times and keeping a close watch over Maddy.

Cranky babies in the Boston Public Garden. Above: Milo tells us he hates the humidity even more than his Dad. Maddy invokes the hand to say, "enough already, I'm schvitzing for crying out loud."

Jeff & Ella prepare to head out on the swan boats.

Elaine & Maddy, Laura & Baby Gene Simmons.

Milo does his best James Dean impression while enjoying a nice picnic in the Jamaica Plain Arnold Arboretum. Funny, we talked about having a picnic there for the 10 years that we lived in the city, but we had to move to California and have twins in order to finally do it.

Maddy also enjoys herself at the Arboretum during one of the few days with relatively low humidity.

M&M ready for lunch.

Mom & Maddy.

After a nice couple days with Jeff and Laura, it was time to head back to Connecticut. But we couldn't possibly leave the Boston area without first chiseling a free pancake breakfast from Kevin, Toni, Leni & Zoe. Kevin is one of my oldest friends in the Boston area, and we were thrilled that his parole officer gave him a waiver for the day to allow him to visit with the kids. Seriously, as always, the Hicks-Dutt crew came threw with a great breakfast to send us off back to the motherland.

Above: Elaine, Milo, Leni, Maddy, Zoe, and Kevin.

We spent our last days in Connecticut visiting with family before heading back.

Above: Grandma Brown, Maddy, Great Grandpa, Elaine & Milo.

Above: Maddy meets her Great Grandfather.

After a long flight...

Above: (09 August 2009 ) Great to be back in Cali! The babies and Mom at Half-Moon Bay at the site of the legendary Mavericks surf break, which was obviously not in that day. Hopefully M&M will surf here in a few years when they're a little bigger. :)

It was a good trip overall. The only down side (other than the relentless plane and car travel) was that we missed seeing several friends. It's a tough thing living far away and only getting to visit for a couple weeks. Still, we definitely wish we could have seen everyone.

Special thanks again to Dad for helping with all the logistics; Nedra for the great cake and toys, Aunt Heather for the extra help with getting settled in; Mom & Tom; Jeff & Laura for letting a family of four invade their home; Kevin & Toni for the great meal; Mark & Lauren a weeks use of the wagon and for the great pizza; Austin and John for the rides to airport; and to Mike who kindly prevented our car from getting towed away back in California.

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