Saturday, August 29, 2009

Standard Babies-in-the-Bath Pictures

Who doesn't love a couple babies in a bath tub? Well, here you have it - M & M along with a few of their favorite tub time toys.

A little film of the event.

And of course, here's our latest big ticket purchase - a luxurious swimming pool.


Brian said... hour with a shovel and that pool could be in-ground; then you'd really be fancy.

grandpa said...

I can sent you some of my water pumps (1200) gph
and they will have either a wave maker or a whirlpool
good idea keeping the nut down by washing the towels and such at the same time

rstiles said...

The shovel would blow my budget. ;) Yeah, we've got pretty clumsy babies and the towels are there to cushion the fall. Of course, the washing is an extra bonus. My father taught me all I needed to know about saving a buck. :)

Sarah V said...

I love the bath video! It's the stillest I have seen Milo and the most active I have seen Madeline (not that I have seen so much of them). There is not much better than two babies and a bath.

We miss you all.