Monday, October 19, 2009

16 Months!

Milo - 17 October 2009

Madeline - 18 October 2009. It's very tough to pose Maddy now. She pretty much just squirms down like she did here. This was actually the best of about a dozen similar shots.

M&M at the Oakland Zoo, seen above parked on the Hayward fault - 18 October 2009

M&M hanging out with the giraffes.

Maddy greets the day.

Milo takes a (brief) walk.


Mom said...

Wow, Milo is really good at that thing they call walk (behind a wagon). Very fun to see!

Still would love to send Elaine the info from the NICU. What's the best way to do this!

Best wishes,


rstiles said...

Thanks Kat! Feel free to contact Elaine or me via email - estiles at hotmail dot com and rstiles3 at gmail dot com. By the way, congrats to Loki on his first birthday. Thanks!

Michael McWhirter said...

Hi Rob and Elain,
Great to see photos of the kids. They are getting big now!
Best wishes
Michael and Rachel

Heather said...

WOW! They are growing so fast! They are still as adorable as ever! It exciting to see them cruising around on their walker. Miss you all!


Gretchen said...

Love the walking videos! Wow, Milo's got quite a head of hair! He's going to be breaking hearts before you know it ;)

Janet said...

Happy Halloween to my M&Ms. Love the costumes! They look adorable...but then of course they always do. I was so excited to see the "walking videos!!" Way to go, Maddy! Way to go Milo! Awesome jobs.
Xs and Os,
Auntie J