Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Step Forward!

It's not walking, but it's a break through nonetheless -- and it's a good start.

Above: Maddy (at 12.5 months corrected age) bravely crosses the room on foot, ably assisted by a fancy Melissa and Doug "Deluxe" Walker (and no, I'm not getting any kick-backs from the toy companies -- though I'm not above taking some). Milo actually does even better, but he kept refusing whenever I started the cam. Hopefully they'll be doing complex math in time for tax season.

By the way, you may have noticed I've added some nice new features to the blog. If you look on the left-hand side, you'll notice I added a search feature as well as some other functionality. A few parents have mentioned that they use the M&M blog to look at the various issues the twins have faced, and I figure this will spare a frantic parent some time hunting. All ideas I've stolen from Loki Sky's blog (see our friend's blogs).


Sarah V said...

Congratulations, Milo and Maddy! It's a whole new world out there on 2 feet. Happy exploring!

I checked out Loki's blog. What an amazing family. Thanks for sharing their story with your friends and family, as well, and I wish them all the best possible on their journey.


Brian said...

Any feelings of happiness at seeing this wonderful developmental step was totally wiped out by the terrifying hairy arm extreme shaky closeup at the end. That part made me feel funny.

rstiles said...

No kidding! The bald head is a little frightening.

At least I didn't get a cam shot of Milo deucing in the tub -- luckily I had just taken Madeline out. We don't typically bathe them together; usually Elaine bathes Maddy and I bathe Milo. It's much easier that way. But Elaine was out of town, so it was just me alone. I gotta tell you, a little thing like a couple turds in the bath water can send the threat level to red instantly. By the way, when your kid poops in the tub (and your other kid is crawling around wet, naked, and yelling) there are only two quick way to resolve the problem - (1) the bare handed fish-out; or (2) grit your teeth and cram em' down the drain. I opted for option 2.

On the plus side, that's the first time Milo has ever done that since coming home from the hospital. I've heard of a few kids who poop every time they hit warm bath water.

Well, I need to go wash my hands again.

grandpa said...

Was Milo watching caddy shack ???

rstiles said...

Yeah right! That sure wasn't a Snickers bar.

anthea said...

what a wonderful video! go maddy-girl, go!