Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Blog is Back - Heavy on the Pictures, Lighter on the Text.

By far the longest stretch without a blog update and that means there would normally be much to catch up on.  Turns out I started this post back in July and I finally got around to finishing it.  When I opened it up, I noticed that I had written a lot about the kids' first year in kindergarten, the triumphs and difficulties, medical issues, etc.  As usual, I included some candid thoughts and some of my half-assed attempts at humor. And then I deleted it all.

I've decided to take a different approach. As you all know, I'm pretty much an open book, and for most of the kids early childhood, I've spoken in honest terms about M&M, their health, and other family matters.  Now that they're getting older, it's time for me to pull back on that. I'll talk in greater depth in other forums, but not to the same extent that I have in past.  

The good news is that I'll be able to post more frequently, it's just that the posts will be primarily photos and videos and much less text. I will maintain all of the older posts.

For the first installment of the M&M blog v. 2.0, I'll get you caught up on pics from last year.  Look for another post shortly with the more recent pictures and video clips. Enjoy! (And if you really want to know how I feel, just ask me.)

M&M - Fall 2013 to Spring 2014

August 2013 - Maddy and Milo prepare for their very first walk to school.

M&M settle in at their desks for the big first day.

Alta Bates NICU Reunion - Sep 2013. Rocking out with Cowboy Jared!

Fall 2013 - Peace on Earth

Hiking with Dad in Tilden Park - Fall 2013

Milo, Maddy, and Mason - Maddy's first off road ride. Fall 2013.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, Fall 2013.

Milo in Kindergarten. Thanksgiving week, 2013.

Maddy's K class. Thanksgiving Feast 2013.

My lovely family. Yosemite, December 2013.

Maddy & Mom. Yosemite, December 2013.

Milo.  Guess where?

Adventurous Maddy makes her way toward Yosemite Falls. December 2013.

M&M with Grandpa. Christmas time, 2013.

Christmas 2013.

The Little Ice Rink. December 2013.

Rock City. Jan 2014.

Maddy at Rock City.

Maddy on the big hill.

M&M with Uncle Matt I. during his March 2014 visit. Much ice cream was eaten.

Tahoe Ski Trip. March 2014.

Maddy's first Tahoe intermediate run.

Easter egg hunt. 2014.

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