Friday, September 12, 2008

Nearly 90 Days

We've had a lot of moderate ups and downs so far this week, but we seem to be finishing out on a good note. At the week's start, the doc weaned Milo down to half a litre of oxygen, but the little guy didn't make out so well. He responded by retaining lots of fluid (which is pretty consistent with BPD) and he needed to have his oxygen bumped back up. Due primarily to the fluid retention, the boy went up to 6 lbs 3 ozs, but he is now back on diuretics and today he is hovering just a hair below 6 lbs. His color is looking much better -- though he's still a bit jaundiced -- and we'll find out on Monday how his liver is fairing on the medicine he's taking.

Maddy came in at a chubby 5 lbs 8 ozs today and definitely knows how to make her needs known. She's not afraid to make demands -- change my diaper, feed me, and pick me up (a lot) are the primary orders she likes to issue. Easy enough, though we're really looking forward to wire free babies! Along those lines, this week was a big first for Maddy -- she took a little stroll around Nursery 3 with nurse Janet and Mom unattached to any wires or monitors. It wasn't very far, but it's a good start. Now, if she can just make it as far as the parking lot...

Milo. The wrinkles under his right eye are due to the tape for his cannula and NG tube.

Milo and Ross.

More of Milo, who is a lot more alert these days and glad to be getting more of the spotlight.

Mom and Maddy.

The whole mishpuka.


Helen said...

I love seeing all four of you one picture! Wow, I keep forgetting, you are an instant family of four. I am getting all teary again (doesn't take much). Wish we were a bit closer!

Glad to read the steady progress and am really excited for Maddy's first stroll around the nursery.

All our love,
Helen & the Gang (shoop shoop) xx

Sarah V said...

What lovely pictures of you all. So nice to see you together as a family. You are another step closer to the parking lot and (dare we ponder it?) the amazing journey beyond the parking lot! All in good time, right? I am sending wishes for it to come soon.