Monday, September 1, 2008

Nipplin' Right Along...

The Pictorial Update

M&M at 36 weeks corrected age enjoying some new friends from Nana.
What a difference 11 weeks makes!

-- MADDY --

Weight: 4 lbs. 13 ozs. (2.19 kilos.)
Oxygen needs: Room air! (For now.)
Feedings: 43 mls. breast milk/Prolacta every 3 hours. 1 feeding by bottle (called "nippling"), 1 by breast, the rest by NG tube (the little white tube in her nose).
Other items of interest: Now likes to be held for comforting. Extremely alert! Loves to look at people, Milo, and her mobile. Madeline hiccups just like mom -- loud and for a long time!

Maddy says, "no more pictures, Daddy!"

-- MILO --

Weight: 5 lbs. 7 ozs. (2.46 kilos.)
Oxygen needs: Nasal cannula, 2 litres of 22-26% oxygen.
Feedings: 45 mls. breast milk/Prolacta every 3 hours. 1 feeding by bottle, 1 by breast, the rest by NG tube.
Other items of interest: Milo is mellow and patient, as always. He loves being held, having a clean diaper, and not having his sister tug on his ears.

Milo waives to his fans.

See you next time!


richard said...

I love it!!! The videos are a great addition!

Nik Snacks said...

I'm not a friend or a family member, but I stumbled across your blog and I want to wish you and yours a BIG congratulations on the babies.

They're beautiful and you're great parents, sharing your love and joy with the rest of the world. Someone out there appreciates that. :)

Krista said...

The videos are great! The pictures of M & M in the crib together are so sweet. Hope you all are doing well.


melissabuck said...

I'm so happy that Annette passed on your story to me. Saying "I know how you feel" isn't in vain here, so please know that it gets even so much better once you are home! I remember thinking "Let's just get home. If there's more to come, we'll deal with it then". So far, all the things to come have worked out fine. You find this inner strength to keep on fighting for the little ones, as you well know already. You should be proud of yourselves for your strength, even if it has ever wavered. I can't read your blog without some tears; this is a time in your life that will never get out of your system. Thankfully you have the wonderful Alta Bates NICU and Annette as partners/family in this struggle. See you at the 2009 NICU reunion. Even if you are home for the one in October, you'll be sequestered anyway. Take care of yourselves.
Sincerely, Melissa Carpenter
(and Adair and Sydney, NICU alumni)

Rob Stiles said...

Melissa (and everyone!), thanks so much for the kind words. We'll be back for the reunion for sure and we're looking forward to meeting all the other Alta alums. It's hard to believe we're only a few weeks aways from bringing the babies home. It will be so nice to change a wire-free baby. :)