Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Halloween

Milo the cow and Maddy the frog with Halloween-appropriate pumpkin hats.

It was low-key Halloween for M&M. The duo was hoping to make it to the party in the Castro, but they settled for hanging out with Mom and Dad at home in their sleepers. Then, in a fit of jealousy over not getting to wear the cow outfit, Maddy soiled herself and we were forced to change her back in to regular attire.

In other news, Elaine and I have nearly been driven to the drink to cope with life with twins. Just kidding of course, but as I've already mentioned (repeatedly) it's definitely a challenge! I finally broke down and bought a dishwasher today to try and spare us some time, and we've even decided to hire someone to come in and help. I won't make any of my standard jokes about saving a few bucks by hiring one of those guys out in front of the Home Depot.

Above: Elaine rests with the twins. They are both pushing 9 pounds these days, and Milo may be a few ounces over. Imagine if they had gone to term and been born in September? This picture gives an idea of how large Elaine might have been.

In other news, Maddy's reflux seems to have improved a lot over the last week thanks to the miracle of pediatric Zantac. She still gets fussy, but that's probably more personality than pain. Unfortunately, Milo seems to be showing some of the same symptoms lately. Frequently, reflux problems resolve within the first four months of a baby's corrected age, but it can linger up to a year or more. Here's hoping that doesn't happen. Milo was also referred for hernia surgery yesterday, and he'll likely get that out of the way in the next couple weeks.


richard said...

EB Stiles & Rob Stiles... I am so happy that things are settling in... Elaine, you seem so at ease!

Tracy said...

Love the outfits! (esp the hats!) Oh yes, we know the dishwasher conundrum well...we only started using our dishwasher AFTER Evie was born.

We're glad to hear that the reflux is sorting itself out with Maddie. As I mentioned to Elaine, it took awhile for the Zantac to kick in for Evie but its so much better for them when it does work. Have hope though, we took Evie off of the medication once she started eating yogurt at around 9 months and she hasn't been on it since :) But the great thing is you know that it is there when you need it! Call us if you have any more questions. Our thoughts are with you guys!

Heather said...

They look too cute in their little outfits! love the hats! I am glad you finally got a dishwasher! Where in the world did you put it? lol! :) Also, I am happy to hear that you have some help. I was so hoping that somethign would work out soon and it looks like it did.

Hugs and loves to all,

janet said...

Nine pounds!?! Each? I rememmber when they didn't even weigh one-half of that...together! The hats look great, if i do say so myself. Love the frog and cow outfits, too! Whaddaya mean they didn't hit the party circuit? They would have charmed all of the city out of its candy.
Remember, you have my cell phone number if you need a break on Mon/Tues/Wed evenings. I have a little experience with fdg/changing/walking babies and I can even do dishes.
Happy Fall! Hi to Aunt Heather. Xs and Os to M&M.
Love, Aunt J

janet said...

Rob, can you text or e-mail the Halloween photo to me when you have a chance? You have my cell number;e-mail:jmazur354@att.net