Friday, November 21, 2008

Lookin' Pretty Good!

Today we headed to the Regional Center of the East Bay for the latest in a long series of assessments and medical visits for the kids. I think we average about one of these visits a week these days, and, on the plus side, it means getting the chance to read selections from the stack of old People magazines that always populate doctors' waiting rooms. Today was no different and we got the chance to catch up on all the happenings with Madonna and Guy Ritchie before getting called in. Can you believe Madonna is 50? Anyway...

The good news is that M&M are developmentally on target so far. They're able to track objects with their eyes, bring their hands together, comfort themselves (somewhat), lift their heads and upper bodies, and a bunch of other things that "normal" babies their age do. They've even got a few bonus features. For example, the kids have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to roll from their belly to their back -- something that Milo just started doing today, but Maddy's been doing for a while. Milo has the added bonus of liking to stick his big tongue out a lot --- like all the time. Problem? Apparently not yet. I guess Gene Simmons made an entire career of having a long tongue so maybe Milo can front a Kiss cover band one day.

Maddy was on her best behavior during the assessment. She slept mostly, then woke up and looked around and smirked. Unfortunately this was a rare moment of calm for her. Over the last week, she seems to have fallen back into a lot of the behaviors we associated with reflux. We thought the medicine cleared things up, but more adjustments may be in order. That will probably come at the next doctors visit which is (surprise!) early next week. Hopefully we'll get her back on track soon, because right now the poor girl seems to only have a few moods: hungry, asleep, and frantic crying while stiffening her body completely. We still think it's reflux, but bad gas can't be ruled out. Every so often the pixie wakes up, lifts both her legs, and cuts a huge fart. It would be pretty funny if it didn't make her cry.

On the bright side, Maddy got weighed on Monday and she has broken the 10 lb mark! We suspect that Milo is about the same or maybe a touch more, but we'll find out when he gets weighed next week. To hear them pass gas, you'd guess they weighed ten times that amount.

A quick shout out to all the great folks at Alta Bates for helping the kids to become so big and healthy. Thanks all so much! We're hoping to come by for a visit some time soon.


Helen said...

Such fantastic news! And not just the farting! :) It's great to hear that M&M are developing just right. You can see on their pictures from day to day, they are both coming on in leaps and bounds. We are thrilled!
But I'm so sorry for poor Madeline and the reflux/gas situation. How miserable for the poor munchkin (not to mention you two, too). Monty is a super-farter so doesn't suffer anymore from the trapped stuff, but GOSH to hear him cry when he was smaller after I ate a tofu dog...never again :(
H xxxxx

Heather said...

It is wonderful to hear that they are developing right on track! Sorry to hear that Maddy is back at having the same troubles, but perhaps the doctor visit next week will provide some answers and ideas to address it. It would be great if it was just a matter of adjusting the med dosage, but things are never that simple. lol! Is she getting the gas drops? When is Milo having his surgery? Has a date been set yet? Miss you all!

Big 'Hello' to Auntie J!
Loves & Hugs,

Sarah V said...

The best news! What a relief it must be to have their development placed into some sort of "typical" range when their start was so rough. My sister Cynthia had her tongue stuck out partially for her first year or so, and my mother was certain that something was wrong, but she turned out just fine (if you think accountants are fine).

Glad to hear things are moving forward. Do you even remember life before these babies consumed it? haha--Sarah

Mom said...

Is is great to read the updates on Milo and Maddy. We obviously do hope our little guy will be following in their foot steps. It is amazing for them to be doing all the things term babies are expected to do. Just in case, if you do get services through the regional center Brooke Sopko is a great, great case manager (so is Jennifer Massie, but I think she only has Spanish speaking families). You can always ask for specific people, although they cannot always grand you a request! Good luck and keep on developing babies!!Kathalijn

janet said...

Hey E&R,
Such beautiful babies! Love the nap time sweet.
It was great to know that the Regional Center visit went well. I'll stop worrying about that Milo "tongue-thingy" now-especially as I happen to think that accountants are fine, upstanding citizens!!!(a shout-out to Sarah V)
Hello to Aunt Heath. And, as always, Xs and Os to M&M. Thinking of you all.
Auntie J

janet said...
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