Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey Kid, You Owe Me a Quarter...

As we all know it's a mother and father's job to saddle their children with plenty guilt, and to remind them of all the expense and heartache their poor parents suffered for their benefit. With that in mind, I've taken to running a mental tally of all the wasted diapers that the wonder twins have cost us. By "wasted," I'm referring to the all times I've placed a fresh diaper under the babies during a change only to have them hose the thing before it's even completely on -- along with me and the changing table cover too. Each time it happens, I mumble aloud that they owe me a quarter. I'm not good with numbers, but I think the running tally is something like $5,842.75 at this point -- but I could be off slightly.

Mom in the middle of a three-diaper blowout courtesy of our lovely little girl. This one nuked her outfit and the changing table cover too.

But as Elaine and I well know, that's all part of the adventure, and it just makes more room for milk. (Better out than in, right?) And besides, they're cute little buggers even if their dirty diapers are something straight out of Hell. Luckily, solid foods are a ways off.

Mom cradles the babies on her legs during a tummy time break.

This week brought some more good news on growth. The babies are both over 9 lbs now and Maddy has again regained the lead. Madeline weighed in at 9 lbs 5 ozs and Milo weighed in at 9 lbs 4 ozs. Who will be the first to make it to 10 lbs? Now that they're not being weighed each day it will be tough to tell. Both babies are eating very well these days and have already outgrown most of their newborn clothes.

Grandpa holds Madeline for the first time. Milo lies behind in the crib.

The kids got a nice treat this week when they met grandpa Stiles for the first time. The babies sent their regards by farting continuously throughout his visit. They clearly know their audience. Grandpa will be staying throughout the week. We've been trying to get the babies and the old man out for walks and some sightseeing. Look for more pics to come.

A bigger, chubbier Milo.

Milo got his referral for hernia surgery this week, and it looks like he'll head to Children's Hospital in Oakland in mid-December to fix the hernia once and for all. That'll be nice.

Milo hangs out with Dad at dinner.

There's really no elegant way to eat with a baby attached to you. You can either put a napkin on the kid's head, or hold the plate under your mouth (see above). Otherwise, you risk dropping food on his head -- which just seems kinda' shabby.


Heather said...

Milo looks so much bigger! WOW!
I really enjoyed the pictures!
I am glad that Milo's hernia will soon be taken care of. I am sure he will feel much better once it is taken care of and all healed. I am sure Grandpa Stiles is in heaven with your little cutie patooties! (stinky gas and all!)

Love & miss you all!

janet said...

You should've re-weighed Maddy after the 3-diaper blowout....betcha Milo's back in the lead!
They both look so big now. Keep up the good work.
Welcome to Grandpa Stiles. Add a hello to Aunt Heather, too, please.
Xs and Os to M&M.
Aunt J

ps: I think I see some ranch dressing by Milo's ear.

Helen said...

I hear you about the eating with a baby in a carrier thing. If I am eating, say Chinese, I do do the napkin thing. If it's a quick pain au chocolat, well, I just do a quick crumb-check afterwards. And I always get a stiff neck from the 90 degree head-turn when biting.

Anyway, the babes are looking scrummy and chubby!

Love H xx