Sunday, March 22, 2009

Going Visiting...

This week the kids got to help Aunt Anthea celebrate her birthday. It was only the second time the the kids have visited another home, but it's a sign of just how much stronger they are getting. The kids got to hang out with Anthea, John, Lang & Cammy and enjoy a little time away from Alameda. A rare treat!

Anthea & Milo

Lang and Maddy and Anthea and Milo. Anthea and John's boys, Lang and Cammy, were the first non-adults to hold M&M. Cammy was technically first, but I wasn't quick enough with the camera -- sorry Cam.

Back at home, Mom entertains Maddy during a morning play session.

More proof that Milo got Mom's eyes. Unfortunately, the little guy got Dad's ears -- taxi with the doors open.

Milo's Hobbit feet.

Our muscular baby boy. The kid looks like he can bench his sister.

Milo puts the guns away and puts on his PJs. Check out the smile!

Maddy takes an evening bath before bed. She can smile as big as Milo, but she's a little more camera shy.

Uncle Rich pays a visit.

Milo & Maddy hang out in the crib and get ready for the day ahead.

Maddy's favorite activity: sitting on the changing table and staring out the window.

Dad & Maddy.


anthea said...

and auntie anthea's birthday was thus the BEST ever! thanks so much for the visit!

all love & joy,
a, j, l & c

Gretchen said...

these pictures are wonderful! Their smiles are so big, I can't help but smile back. So glad to see that you are all doing well :)

Janet said...

You must be having a ball with your beautiful babies. I can't believe how tall and strong they've become so quickly. So many developemental milestones are apparent within these photos that they were are joy to see.
Love to you all. And lots of special big baby hugs and kisses to M&M!
Auntie Janet

rstiles said...

Thanks all!

Dani said...

I cannot believe how much Milo looks like Rob and Maddy like Elaine! Wow!
Both are beautiful! (Sorry, Milo.. you are handsome.)

Miss you guys!