Sunday, March 15, 2009

Numero 9

Elaine and I finally got a new computer just in time for the Nine Month mark today. In celebration of this milestone, Milo not only leaned forward to play with his toes for a while, but he managed to get the big one in his mouth. Maddy decided to sleep in late with Mom.

Maddy - 15 Mar 2009

Milo - 15 Mar 2009

If the kids look a little surly in their bear pictures, that's because they are. Napping has become a thing of the past. We're trying our best, but these days the kids only want to sleep for 25-45 minutes maximum during the days. The trade-off is that they're up very little at night -- which seems fair -- but a couple of decent naps each day would probably do the little bugs some good. It might go a long way toward taming the Milo&Maddy-tude they tend to get by early-mid afternoon.

So what does a typical day in the life of M&M look like? For sh!ts and giggles (and posterity) I figured I'd post Milo's chart for the day. This is basically just a list of the basic care tasks for Milo today:

0000 - Wet diaper. Breast fed for 10 minutes and fell asleep.
0400 - Took 140 mls. formula and fell asleep by 0430.
0715 - Woke-up. Wet diaper. Ate 85 mls. formula and poly-vitamins.
0920 - Wet diaper. Ate 80 mls. formula.
0930 - Napped for 40 minutes.
1115 - Ate 100 mls. formula
1230 - Ate 1 tbl. of sweet potatos (see below) and 1 tbl. oatmeal & 50 mls. formula
1345 - Wet/poopy diaper
1530 - Ate 145 mls. formula
1600 - Napped for 50 mins.
1815 - Ate 75 mils.
1920 - Wet diaper.
1935 - 140 mls.
1955 - Asleep.

Normally Milo gets breast milk for about half his feeds. Unfortunately, today I didn't notice we had milk stored in the fridge, so the boy got more formula than usual. That, and we try not to do lots of small feeds. Usually we like Milo to take at least 120-160 mls (4-5.5 ozs.). Maddy's chart would look similar, but nearly all of her feeds are at the breast and there are fewer of them. We obviously can't determine her amounts but she's gettin' plenty! Maddy also tends to sleep through the night -- but not always of late. Like Milo, she's now eating one meal of solid foods each day around lunch time.

We talked a little last time about milestones, and, as always, remember that M&M are not really true 9-monthers. They're corrected age is 5.5 months, and based on that they're on track. By the way, based on a growth chart of progress for premature babies, M&M are doing quite well. You can view the growth charts here. Be sure to scroll down to the charts labeled "VLBW" (Very Low Birth Weight). Based on those charts, Maddy is in the 80th percentile for growth right now, and Milo is in the 50th. That's pretty impressive considering M&M were born earlier and weigh less than anticipate even by the "VLBW" chart. Compared to a term baby of the same age (corrected), Maddy is in the 25th percentile and Milo is in the 5th-10th. It's common for preemies to catch-up around age two, though smaller stature may be life-long.

The babies are much more playful these days, and like most babies, they want to try and fit everything in their mouths. Makes for some good pictures.

Speaking of good pictures... I bought M&M their first rock tee-shirts a couple weeks ago on a business trip to Seattle.

And now for something completely different....

Milo finds it funny.


Helen said...

The movie is hilarious! I love baby laughter, nothing in the world sounds as sweet. Monty and I just watched it together and he cracked up too. Lovely update, Stiles Crew! xxxxxx

rstiles said...

Hello Helen! It's been too long. Hope Monty is feeling better these days. Glad Milo got him laughing too. Give our best to the family. Love, R, E, M&M

Heather said...

LOL! love the pictures and the video clip! Good stuff! They arE too cute!

Sorry the kiddos are still not napping. :(

Sarah V said...

Wow, the not napping is a downer, but what a great update and fabulous pictures/video! I knew those Stiles babies would pull through on the milestones thing. They just need to do things in their own time, it seems. They are incredibly adorable, and, Elaine, you look amazing!

Take care,

Janet said...

A-DOR-ABLE!! Have to be the world's cutest twins( and I've seen alota twins, let me tell ya). Maddy is so sweet and I love the pic with Milo's gorgeous blue eyes and big orangey, sweet potato mouth! Love, love, love the video. I will be going to that many times just to make myself feel better after a bad day. They look so good, esp for VLBW twinners. Mom and Dad have done a great job. Kudos.
Auntie J
p.s.: My husband says good choice on the t-shirt. "OZZY ROCKS!"