Friday, March 6, 2009

The Long-Awaited Update

As you've all probably noticed, it's taken us a while to update the blog. That's largely due to a massive computer melt down. Our laptop died a sudden and unexpected death, but we were able to at least bring it in to a shop and recover all our data, including about 2 months worth of baby pictures that I hadn't backed up. (Yes, despite all my harping and lecturing to others about the importance of backing up data, I failed to take my own medicine. So, I'm a hypocrite -- imagine that. ;)) We're still without a computer for the time being, so unfortunately the only pictures this week come from my cell phone.

Milo and Madeline both went to the pediatrician this morning for their monthly Synagis shots. Maddy is so chubby that the poor girl has to get her immunizations in two separate shots. She wasn't happy about that, but otherwise she was a peach. Both babies were weighed in today, and, after several weeks of very slow weight gain, they appear to be having another spurt. Milo weighed in at 13 lbs. 11 ozs. and Maddy was 15 lbs. 15 ozs.

Chubby Maddy getting ready for her shots. Check out the gut!

In other news, we learned this week that the twins are lagging behind a bit on their developmental milestones. Specifically, Lisa (our child development specialist) told us that the babies should be sitting with the use of their hands to support their weight, and they should have more awareness of their feet. We were kind of bummed about that. Then the following day, while Milo was sitting on my lap, he put his arms down to support himself and started playing with his feet. So, I guess all's well -- more or less. Maddy is having a little more trouble bending over, but we think it may have to do with her enormous (but wonderful) gut.

A lean Milo proves he can sit just fine.

Apparently there's some controversy about the milestones, and the American Academy of Pediatrics is considering revisions. It has to do with the fact that most babies are reaching the traditional milestones later and later due to the whole Back to Sleep movement. ("[T]wo-thirds of therapists reported increases in motor delays in infants who spend too much time on their backs.") As most of you probably know, letting your baby sleep on her belly is viewed with the same level of ire as rubbing scotch on her gums. Obviously, the "Back to Sleep" movement is a sacred cow these days, but like all great innovations it turns out there's a down side: look here for a fairly in-depth article discussing the darker side of full time back sleeping for babies. I'd really like to examine the SIDS statistics a little closer, but in the meantime, M&M will sleep on their backs like all modern babies (and none of the babies born pre-1992 or so). And of course we're re-doubling our efforts to make sure the babies get the exercise they need to avoid any further delays.

In other news, earlier this week Milo had a rough bout of constipation (ewww!), but the plus side is that it gave us the chance to give the little guy his first taste of fruit. Elaine made him up some pears and he seemed to enjoy them. Maddy is still the better eater of the two - surprise surprise - but at least Milo is now regular. And speaking of eating issues, while the little girl hasn't had much pain from her reflux thanks to the Prevacid, she is suddenly spitting up like some crazed, curdled milk fountain. Poor thing typically gives back about an ounce or so of milk after most feeds. She isn't losing any weight, but our laundry is out of control. We're hoping that her gastroesophageal sphincter will start doing its job and keeping her chow in place. In the meantime, we'll just keep a mop handy.

Join us next time.


anthea said...

hey dears! good to see your post, sorry about the computer, excess milk spewage, worries about milestones . . . and on that back to sleep issue, you're so right to be smart and inquisitive about it. i've told you that both my boys slept on their tummies quite a bit. healthy babies do just fine on their bellies, as you well know.

miss you guys and will come for a visit next week when i'm back from DC.

Sarah V said...

Hi, rob and elaine. The babies are beautiful. I love the gut on Maddy- she's a champion eater, I can tell. Sounds like you are taking everything in stride and doing just what you need to do to promote their development. I am confident they are getting the best they could get out of this world, and that's a wonderful thing. It will pay off in spades, I am sure.

Sending love and good wishes for great check-ups in your future.

Kevin Mc said...

Hello west-coasters! Glad to hear all is going well, and welcome to the joys of "but that expert just told me the exact opposite of what you're saying, and I see you're a doctor too...?!" Once we learned to trust our guts (or in this case Maddy's) we realized that we were doing great, the kid is happy, healthy, and developing at exactly her right speed, just as it sounds like your little beauties are doing as well. Way to take things in stride, and if you'll excuse me, I have to go and back up some pictures now... :-D All the best, Kevin, Tracy, Evie and Bump #2

Hi, my name is Brian, and this is my blog said...

Those milestones are all bull. If your kid is walking and talking by kindergarten and not peeing the bed (much) by college then everything is good in the world. I recommend the fortune cookie methodology... take every suggested milestone comment, and add the words "give or take 2 years". It is not as much fun as "in bed", but it makes all that mumbojumbo easier to handle.

rstiles said...

Funny stuff Brian. Thanks for helping me keep it in perspective. ;)

Janet said...

Great to see some new photos of the M&Ms. Is Maddy really two whole pounds larger than Milo? You better make sure to switch them in your arms often or you and Elaine might become lopsided in the bicep department. While I can't really say what I think of the whole Back-to-Sleep movement, I can say that Brian's a pretty smart guy. Plus, my son was born in the times of the stomach or side-sleeping craze when you didn't dare put a baby on its back as it might spit up and aspirate. Moderation in all things.
except hugs and kisses;so please give M&M alot from Auntie J!

Sonny said...

They both look great Rob. I am so happy for you guys. Milo's laugh was awesome and Maddy's gut is adorable. I can't wait to meet them in person. I love you guys.