Monday, August 18, 2008

The (Long) March to September

Since the move to an open crib a couple days back, the twins have done pretty well. The doctors and nurses warned us that one or both of them might need to go back into the isolette for a break or that Milo might need to go back on CPAP. So far so good. Milo has managed to tough it out on the nasal cannula, though his supplemental oxygen needs are on the high side for a baby on a cannula. For comparison, Maddy is getting 2 liters of volume and only about 22 to 25% oxygen (remember that room air is 21%). Milo is receiving 4 liters of volume and about 32 to 38% oxygen. To be fair, the boy had his PDA surgery less than 3 weeks ago. All things considered, he's doing well. He is starting to shed some of the fluid he's been retaining and that should help reduce his oxygen needs.

In terms of weight, Maddy was 4 lbs. 2 ozs. today. Milo was 4 lbs 12 ozs. - closing in on the big 5! Milo is now up to 40 mls during feedings and Maddy is at 35 mls. They continue to tolerate the feedings very well, and they're pooping up a storm!

As part of a new feature, we figured we'd start measuring the kids growth every month against their teddy bear.

Maddy - August 17, 2008.

Big Milo - August 17, 2008

Some more pictures from today and the last couple days...

Elaine holding Maddy.

Dad holding Maddy during his daily lunch break at the hospital.

Milo sacked out and trying to sleep his way to stronger lungs.


Dani said...

Congrats guys! They look amazing! We are so proud of you and the twins.
Dani, Jason, David and Matthew

Sarah V said...

How truly wonderful to see the babies together again. They are growing so swiftly! Thanks for sharing the great news. Milo has just passed Auden's birthweight (which now seems gargantuan by comparison with where your little ones began).

Sarah, Matthew, and Auden