Thursday, August 7, 2008

Relief for Milo's Schnoz

The thing about having a preemie (or having two preemies) is that you find yourself worrying a lot about something, and then suddenly it seems like somebody flips a switch and it's no longer an issue. Changes are often quick and somewhat unexpected in the NICU -- and thankfully usually for the better. Take today for example -- we figured it would be a while before Milo would make it to a nasal cannula, and all of a sudden he's wearing one. A very nice surprise! Will it last? Mostly. Chances are he'll need occassional rests (meaning he'll need a few hours on CPAP here and there), but he seems to be off to a good start. It's very nice to be able to see his face again. This also means his little schnoz can start the process of going back to its normal shape. Milo was also able give recreational breast feeding (tee-hee) a first try today, and he took to it very quickly. He managed to consume several mls of milk all on his own. Way to go boy!

Maddy had a more sedate day. We spent time with her but let her stay in the isolette and get a good rest. She's been doing a lot the last few days, and today she needed some rest. She's now on a nasal cannula full time (with an occasional CPAP break mixed in), which takes a lot of extra work.

I'll try not to forget the camera tomorrow, so standby for pictures.

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Krista said...

What great news! They are making such good progress. We think about all four of you all the time!