Saturday, August 16, 2008

Together Again

Some exciting progress yesterday! First, yesterday was the twin's two-month birthday. Their nurses marked the occasion by putting together a very nice card, baby footprints and photos for us -- a real treat! (Thanks ladies!) Next, Maddy and Milo were reunited for the first time since their birth. Both have been doing well regulating their own body temperatures, so it was time to try an open crib instead of their isolettes. This meant they could be co-bedded. It had been a while, but I think there was immediate recognition. Maddy obviously had a gripe of some kind with her brother, and she wasted no time expressing her feelings with a curt finger gesture. (See below.)

That's our girl!

Actually, the babies appeared to enjoy each other's company at least at first. Maddy felt Milo's face and planted her lips on his before he managed to wiggle out of her grasp, leaving her mouth on his chin like a brotherly pacifier. Their oxygen saturation was high, and they appeared (mostly) comfortable in their new open crib. We were given fair warning that the arrangement may not last, and this morning it looked like Milo might need a break back in his isolette. But that's the name of the NICU game -- challenge the babies a little and then step back if necessary. It's a process that has served M&M quite well.

As the babies continue to improve, it also means having to leave some things behind. For the past two months, M&M have spent virtually all of their time in good ole' room 11. But it's time to say good-bye as the kids make the journey down the hall to Room 2.

Room 11 - Our home away from home up till now. Elaine holds Milo while Sandra and Cheryl offer Madeline some TLC.

Moving to an open crib means another step down in their acuity (they are now both at level 2), and that means a move to a different room with a roommate. It also means that they won't get one nurse to fawn over them 24/7 like they used to. The babies are getting stronger, and that means they need less supervision. That's a good thing, but it also means spending less time with many of the great primary nurses who helped to get them so strong. It's scary to leave that behind.

In other news: The babies continue to put on weight at an impressiveclip -- Milo is now 4 lbs. 10.9 ozs. (!!) and Maddy is 4 lbs .7 ozs. M&M had another eye exam in the last couple days. Madeline's eyes look good though still immature (obviously). Milo did have some mild retinopathy, though chances are it should resolve on its own -- if not, it can be treated with laser surgery.

Now for some more pictures...

Squirmy Maddy.

Maddy being pushy while tolerant Milo tries to rest.

Together again!


Helen said...

What fabulous news! I am totally tearing up looking at the pictures of M&M back together again. Such lovely progress, we are thrilled. They look adorable all smushed together and I love the idea of Maddy being the pushy sister :) I hope they are able to stay together as often as possible for now on (or as often as Milo can tolerate cheeky Maddy!).
Lots of love
Helen xxxxx

Toni said...

Wow, how amazing it is to see them together (AND disentangled from all the equipment). Hope the progress continues apace. lots of love, toni, kev, leni & zoe

grandpa said...

Oh well I know I'll be blamed for teaching the twins differnt things however I had nothing to do with Maddies use of her hands at this time! later on well things call change
Love alll the pictures