Saturday, August 2, 2008


The babies had a big day yesterday with an eye exam from a pediatric opthamologist. Both little guys had their pupils dilated so the doctor could examine the interior of their eyes for any problems with retinopathy of prematurity or development. We haven't received the official report yet, but the doctor verbally reported to our nurses that besides being premature in their development, Milo and Madeline's eyes looked good. The exam wasn't pleasant for the babies, though, so they were pretty zonked out the rest of the day.

In other good news, Milo came off his ventilator on Thursday night with flying colors. He's now on SiPAP and doing well on that, with the doctors reducing his rate and pressure several times already. Milo also started eating again yesterday with about 10 ml of milk every 3 hours. He's looking good, but is still pretty puffy from his surgery. When the nurses weighed him earlier this week he checked in at 4 lbs, 1 oz - a dramatic gain in weight, but mostly fluid. He was a more sensible, but still artificially inflated, 3.5 lbs or so yesterday. Milo is also back in his isolette where it's nice and quiet for him.

Milo "Muscles" Stiles snoozing away. (Really, he's just all juiced up from his surgery.)

Madeline is now up to 3 hour sprints on her nasal cannula, 3 times a day. She's been doing really well breathing on her own with between 25 and 35% oxygen help. Maddy is also able to wear real clothes now, and has a nice little wardrobe of preemie onesies and t-shirts that Mom and Dad and friends have bought for her. Unfortunately, many of the preemie size clothes are still way too big, but she does have one saucy little leopard print onesie from friend Anthea that fits very nicely. She modeled it for the first time yesterday, much to the delight of her nurses.

Madeline is resting above on her "surf board," which gives the babies a little support when on their tummies. Yes, 7 weeks old and already on surf boards. They truly are California kids.

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Heather said...

Wonderful news! Maddy is just adorable in her saucy little leopard print! lol! It's so good to hear all the exciting improvements. Love to all!