Wednesday, July 2, 2008


After reviewing a final set of results from her chest ultra-sound today, the doctors have scheduled Madeline for surgery to close her PDA tomorrow afternoon sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 pm. The procedure itself normally takes about an hour, and the plan is to perform it in Maddy's NICU room at Alta Bates. Up until now, that has not been possible at Alta. Even though Alta and Children's Hospital in Oakland share the same NICU doctors, the patients at Alta were normally transported to Children's for surgical procedures. Alta recently changed this practice and Madeline will be the first baby to receive her surgery on-site. We're happy about this because it eliminates the risks associated with transfer, and it also eliminates the possibility that she will be permanently transferred to a different hospital than Milo. (Imagine having to split our time between two hospitals!) The doctors explained that Maddy will initially need additional support (more oxygen, rest, etc.), but she should rebound after a day to several days and start making good progress thereafter. So, tomorrow afternoon please send Madeline your good vibes.

Yesterday Elaine was able to hold Madeline for the first time. Maddy rested comfortably with Mom for over an hour. Sorry for the darkness of the pictures, but Maddy's eyes are very sensitive to light.

If you look close you can see Madeline's blonde hair coming in. Too early to figure out eye color.

Milo has been making steady progress for the last couple days. Most of his problems are more related to the poor fit of his SiPAP mask -- it's persistent issue for pretty much all small preemies. Still, it beats getting intubated again if he can avoid it.

Dad got his first chance to hold Milo today, but the pictures came out pretty terrible and Milo didn't do so well. I got to hold him for few minutes before he had a brady and needed to go back in the isolette. We hope to get some better shots of the poor little guy tomorrow.

By the way, both babies love to be sung to. Madeline's favorite song is the Manilow classic "I Can't Smile Without You," and she also likes the theme song to Giligan's Island. Milo likes the children's favorite "On Top of Spaghetti." He also enjoys his pacifier and being difficult for his nurses.


Emily Sestero said...

Hi Elaine, Rob, Milo and Madeline!

I'm so glad that you made this blog. It's such a great way to let everyone know and probably is nice to write it all out for yourself. It makes me feel better to know whats going on and of course I love seeing the pictures!!
I cannot think of a better pair of people to face this situation. Both of you are excellent parents--I can tell already!
It's so cute to hear about those little personalities coming out. I laughed as I read their favorite songs.
I will definetely be thinking of little Madeline as much as I can toady. Good Luck!
I cannot wait to see all of you guys!!!
Love, your cousin,

Sarah V said...

All the good vibes we can muster will be heading your way today. Whenever we hear the call to prayer from our apartment (several times a day) we always say a little prayer for Milo and Madeline.

We LOVED the pictures. So beautiful. What an absolutely perfect little baby girl you have!


Karen M. said...

Thinking of all of you. I hope all goes well with Maddy today.

Heather said...

We have been sending our prayers, thoughts, and good vibes for Maddie today. Actually I have been doing so every day for both M&M. I hope all goes smoothly today! As always, Rob, I enjoy your humor and descriptions. They make me smile. Take care.
All my love,

janet said...

Dear Maddy,
I was your nurse on the day your mom held you for the first time. I never saw a more beatific smile on a mother's face as I saw on your mother that day. A sense of calm, peace, and all-is-right-with-the world prevailed in that room such as I have never felt before in 21yrs of nursing. You and Milo are very much loved by your parents.
Xs and Os, Aunt J