Tuesday, July 22, 2008

PDA: Take Two

The twins have had several good days now, and - unfortunately - we got some surprising news today. Despite all his good progress, it appears that Milo will need the same surgery that Madeline had back on July 3rd to close his PDA. Yesterday the doctor heard a murmur in Milo's heart and figured it was likely related to another minor condition common to preemies. Then, an ultra sound was performed today, and it was clear that Milo's PDA had reopened and is large enough to demand surgery.

We're hoping to have the operation here at Alta Bates again, but it may be necessary for Milo to make the trip over to Children's Hospital in Oakland, depending how soon Milo's doctor's decide he needs his procedure. (Monday is the soonest he can have the operation here at Alta.)

On the plus side, despite the PDA, Milo has done very well of late and should be a strong patient. The surgery will mean a step back in the short term. He will need to go back to IV feeds immediately -- digesting breast milk creates to great a risk for a PDA baby. Just prior to surgery he will also need to be intubated again. We're all hoping for a quick recovery so he can get back on track, and with the PDA resolved he should see even better progress.

We'll post more info on when and where the surgery will happen when we know -- probably tomorrow.

Keep sending the good vibes!


Sarah V said...

Ahh, the rollercoaster resumes...so sorry to hear about Milo needing surgery, but am also so glad to hear all the great progress that they both are making in other ways. Can't wait to learn which of the two makes it first to 3lbs and hangs in there, and we'll be sending all of our good vibes for continued progress and a good recovery from the surgery.

Sarah, Matthew, and Auden

Heather said...

Ah that really stinks! really sorry to hear about Milo needing surgery. I hope that he recovers like a little frooper and makes remarkable progress from there! Good vibes and prayers for sure! You're always in my thoughts!
Love to all,