Thursday, July 24, 2008

Milo's Murmur

We received word yesterday that although Milo's PDA is large, he is stable enough to wait until Monday for surgery. That's good news because it means that, like Madeline, the procedure will happen at his bedside at Alta Bates. It also means that Dr. Reinhartz (aka Stephen Kissler's brother) will perform the procedure.

In terms of what this will mean in Milo's recovery, in the short term it will be a step back. He'll have to go off feeds for several days, we won't be able to hold him, he'll have to go back on ventilator for a few days at least, and he'll have to have a room to himself. Most of this should resolve quickly though, and without the big heart inefficiency of the PDA, Milo's oxygen needs will decrease and his ability to digest food will improve. Considering how well has done with a PDA, Elaine and I are hopeful that the ligation will mean a big step forward in the long run.

As always, on Monday morning, please send your good vibes to Berkeley.


Gretchen said...

thinking of you all.

bobsmom said...

Hi guys, haven't checked in in a while but I am glad for the updates. Thinking of you daily.


Helen said...

Milo is in the best possible hands with one of the Kissler boys performing the surgery. We're sending happy and healthy vibes your way and are hoping Milo bounces right back after the procedure. Go little man!
Love Helen xx

Krista said...

Hi Rob and Elaine. Bill and I are sorry to hear about the setback, but it sounds like you are being strong and optimistic. We will be thinking about you Monday and will continue sending the good vibes your way.