Friday, July 18, 2008

Surprise, Surprise

After hearing the good news yesterday afternoon that Maddy was hovering at 3 pounds, we arrived at the hospital yesterday evening to find her on CPAP! And doing pretty good on CPAP at that! Turns out the little bugger extubated herself again around 2pm, so they decided to try her on the breathing mask to see how she did. So far, she has been doing pretty well, though she is a bit agitated with the new apparatus on her face, which is pretty common. (When we called for our late evening update before bed yesterday, her nurse commented on her fiery temper. Hee, hee!) This morning when Rob called to check in on the babies, Maddy was on lower oxygen levels than Milo, who is also on CPAP. This great leap forward may not last, but we're grateful that she gets a break from the ventilator and are really proud of her for doing so well. (You'll recall the last time they tried her on CPAP this week, she only lasted a few hours.) Unfortunately Maddy's lungs aren't perfect. They are showing some scar tissue development and varying fluid levels, so BPD is still a phantom in the distance. Her x-ray yesterday looked much improved, though, so we're hopeful.

We were also pleased to find that Milo has been moved back in with his sister, so the Stiles Twins are back together again in the same room. This makes visiting a lot more private and also helps cut down on some of the noise and activity Milo had to deal with when he shared his room with bigger babies. Milo is still doing pretty well on his CPAP, though his oxygen levels have crept up in the last day or so. Our little mister is also at the 3 lb mark, more or less, though the isolette scales are notoriously variable. (Maddy weighed in at 2 lbs 14 oz again today, but they're both still within spitting distance of 3lbs, so we're happy.) Milo is also still enjoying being difficult for his nurses, but a regimen of swaddling and pacifier use seem to keep him in good oxygen saturations. That boy likes his creature comforts!


Mike said...

Hi Rob and Elaine,

I enjoy your blog very much and check in atleast once a day to see how the twins are doing. I'm so glad to read that M&M are having a good day. Today's blog put a smile on my face! I'll continue with my prayers. I've also talked to Archangel Raphael, he's the archangel of health. You might want to touch base with him. He got me through my own health scares this past year. Keep on blogging.

PS Tony says good going.

grandpa said...

Rob and Elaine
It makes my day to check out the blog,now that thay are 4 old weeks and getting stronger every day only brings them closer to comming home, can't wait to see and hold them!!!!!
Milo your Father did the same thing to me (pulling chest hair)keep doing it
Maddie and Milo creatue comforts and temper MY OH MY were ever did you get that from
Ok kids next lesson is learning about payback
Love Dad/Grandpa