Monday, July 28, 2008

Milo Makes Good!

Surgery completed about 15 minutes ago and Milo did very well. He's resting comfortably with his PDA securely fastened shut. More to come later. Thanks to all for your good thoughts!


Sarah V said...

Great news! Let the recovery begin... hope all goes well.

Love and best wishes,Sarah

Helen said...

Go Milo! We are so pleased to hear the surgery went so well. Thank you both so much for letting us know so soon.

Elaine, you look fantastic on the pics! Poor Rob with an allergy. You are a sensitive flower, I can relate. And I am LOVING Maddy's feminist protesting streak. She is such a fabulously feisty little madam.

Love to you all
Helen xx

Jason said...

Way to go Milo!

Krista said...

Rob and Elaine,
So glad to hear Milo's surgery went well! Bill and I have been thinking about you all. For the rest of their lives, your babies will live with the stigma of being born in Berkeley :)