Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trading Spaces

Other than the preparations for Milo's surgery, today was a quiet day at the NICU. Elaine was able to hold both babies for over an hour and both did really well. Madeline had to say good-bye to good o'le room 11. She's now residing in room 8 just across from Milo who will need his own room for tomorrow's surgery.

Maddy's big move. A little traveling music please.

Getting Maddy setup in her new pad. The whole move took about 10 minutes thanks to the experts at Alta. It also helps that Maddy's no longer on half a dozen machines.

Maddy sleeps straight through the excitement. Notice she's still waving her fist in the air. She's a Berkeley baby alright -- just not sure what she's protesting today.

A slimmer and trimmer Elaine hangs out back in Milo's room.

Elaine holds Maddy while nurse Cheryl and friend Anthea look on.

I took this shot today with Milo for some size perspective. By the way, he weighed in at a robust 3 lbs. 5.6 ozs this morning -- a pretty impressive gain, and it's even more impressive since he was weighed on a real scale. Like yesterday, some of this is likely water weight, but still a feat. (Maddy also picked up an ounce and is now solidly over 3 lbs.) By the way, I'm wearing gloves because I've developed an allergic reaction to something -- probably one of the soaps at the hospital. That's also why Elaine has been doing all the holding with the kids lately -- just on the off chance that I've got something contagious.

So Milo's big day is tomorrow afternoon at around 3 pm. Look for a blog post tomorrow evening as soon as the surgery is over.

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