Sunday, July 6, 2008

M&M -- The Three Week Mark

A good day for Milo today. Here he's all all curled up and very relaxed. Dad did about 30 minutes of containment holding with him today and Milo responded very well. He seems to be growing too. His latest weight is from 3 July and he was 972 grams. I'd guess that he's probably pushing 1000 now. (454 grams to a pound -- Milo was 907 grams at birth.) BTW: you can click the images to enlarge.

Milo's nurse Belinda and the respiratory technician prepare to flip the little guy onto his belly. They shift his positions around regularly to keep him comfortable. Milo and Madeline both like being on their bellies best lately. This makes them feel more contained because they feel boundaries with their arms and legs, versus being on their backs and flailing their limbs into space.

You guessed it, Milo on his belly. Looks like the lad is developing a bit of a gut. We couldn't be more thrilled.

Madeline resting nicely and recovering well from her surgery. Annette and Cheryl, two of her primary nurses, have been keeping a close watch over Maddy for the past couple days. She's doing very well thanks largely to their care and she's avoiding many of the usual complications that come along with PDA ligation. The bandage you see is where her incision was made.

It's hard to believe, but Maddy has done some growing too. She weighed about 850 grams at birth and is now around 950 grams. With the surgery behind her, she can focus on growing full-time. One day soon, she'll be bigger than Elvis -- but not fat Elvis.


Toni said...

Happy three week bday! Thanks for continuing to keep us in the loop. Thinking of you all & sending our very best vibes your way.
Toni, Kevin, Leni & Zoe

Sarah V said...

Yay, weight gain! That is great news that they are both putting on weight and growing. What a tremendous 3 weeks you all have had. They have already been through so much (and you as parents, too), but it is so encouraging to know that they are getting such great care and that they are progressing. We'll just keep sending those good vibes your way and hope they help. They are exquisite little ones, and we love seeing their pictures.

Sarah, Matthew, and Auden

Laura, Jeff and Ella said...

Gaining weight is awesome. One of my favorite hobbies. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date! Ella is already practicing stealing toys Masshole-style for the big November visit. Your youts better be ready...
Jeff Laura & Ella