Thursday, July 10, 2008

Getting Better All the Time

The last couple days have brought some positive and unexpected improvements for the twins. First, late in the day yesterday, Milo was extubated and moved to a CPAP machine. We thought this might happen eventually, especially since the little guy was doing so well on the ventilator. We just didn't expect to see it so soon. He's doing well so far, though, and hopefully he'll be able to stay off the ventilator for good.

Although CPAP is a big step forward in his treatment, it looks much worse than a standard ventilator -- instead of just having the tube in his mouth, Milo has to wear the mask over his nose and the little hat to keep it in place. He's not a big fan of the apparatus, and he basically does what he can to try and squirm out of it. Milo also very active and tends to move around a lot in his isolette. Donna, one of Milo's nurses, swaddled him today and he likes it very much! The only down side is that it's tough to see much of him under all the gear. Hopefully in the coming days we can begin the kangaroo holding with him again.

Milo all swaddled up and sporting a CPAP mask.

Madeline is also doing well. She is recovering nicely from her surgery and was finally put back in an isolette today. You may have noticed that she was on a warming table in the last few pictures; they had to keep her there for several days following her surgery. I hated the thing -- it looked far too much like one of those roast beef carving tables you see at the end of a buffet line. I just kept imagining that someone was going to walk up and ask for an end cut and some horseradish sauce. (Too far?)

Madeline is still on an oscillating ventilator, but she is able to tolerate her breast milk feedings well so far. As she continues to get bigger and gain strength, she'll likely be able to move to CPAP or SiPAP like her (slightly) bigger brother.

Madeline holding hands with Dad inside her fresh new isolette.

BTW: just in case you were planning to visit, but are concerned that you don't happen to know the lyrics to "I Can't Smile Without You" or "On Top of Spaghetti," Janet, one of Madeline's great nurses, has kindly printed out the words and posted them at their bedsides. No excuses now!


Heather said...

So glad to hear things are going well for M&M! It's about time! Thanks for the regular updates! :)
Love to All!

Helen said...

Yay for swaddling! We are such swaddle-fans. Stephan is a master baby-burrito-swaddler, shall dispatch him immediately. Great news that Milo is off the ventilator and that Maddy is off the warming table. We are loving reading your updates and most of all the progress the bebes are making. And yes, Rob, your roast beef comment did go too far... ;)
Big love from all the Kisslers

traytang said...

That's wonderful news about M&M! We are so glad they are doing so much better. Thanks for regularly updating the blog, we really enjoy reading about how the twins are doing :) Tracy, Kevin and Evie

Kevin Mc said...

Horse-radish sauce?? See that line, WAY back there?? :-D Glad to hear that everything is going well, and that the kids are getting closer to coming home every day!


Gretchen said...

wonderful news...glad to hear the little ones are doing well. Please keep posting the updates! I like hearing how the Stiles Family is doing.

Toni said...

What a relief... thanks for passing along the good news. Hugs all around!
Toni, Kevin, Leni & Zoe

Anthony Veerkamp said...

Hello Elaine & Rob:

I can't tell you how life-affirming reading your blog was for me today.

I've been feeling sorry for myself in my apparently losing battle against the forces of evil (AKA Don Fisher) and really benefitted from the reminder that there are more important things in the world than the Secretary of the Interior's Standards!

All my best to all of you, Anthony

Dani said...

Yes, M&M are adorable and cute enough to eat, but come on Rob, horseradish sauce? That was just a little too far. DJ loved to be swaddled; Swaddling and sleep sacks saved us many nights. Glad to hear you are all doing so well. We miss you and wish we were closer to visit.
Love you all,
Dani, Jason, and David

grandpa said...

I'm glad to see thay are doing so well,everyone in the family thinks the blog is great,what's wrong with prime rib at the end of the line? add alittle au juice then your ready to go,bty I know a few songs both of them I sang to you (Rob)also Heather(scarrlet Ribbon)

stashyc7 said...

They make a lovely horseradish sauce with dill in it now...but it tastes much better with turkey than with baby! ;)
Much love from Boston!

Marla said...

Great to hear the babes are growing! Rob sure is taking a lot of "ribbing" for the roast beef comment. When we were NICU parents, we called the warming table "french fry" lights. 15 years ago, to avoid drying out the babe's skin there was plastic wrap over the warming bed - talk about food images!
Oren liked to grab Dad's chest hair, too. It hurts, but you sure are glad he has the stregth to do it!

Warm thoughts to you all,