Saturday, July 12, 2008

Madeline Has Enough

Taking a cue from Milo, Madeline decided to have a go at extubating herself last night. The doctor was thinking of trying her out on CPAP, so they used the opportunity to see how she would do with just a mask. Unfortunately, Maddy wasn't quite ready to step off of ventilation just yet, and so she's currently back on her oscillating vent. Hopefully she'll be able to make the switch sometime soon.

Today hasn't seen a lot of progress. After all the great steps forward in the last week, Elaine and I have come to sort of expect that there'll be some new breakthrough each day. Today the kids appear to be marking time a bit, but that's always better than steps back. Milo is pretty consistent with yesterday, while Madeline is more finicky than usual and is having trouble settling down.

On the plus side, Maddy and Milo are both eating well. Madeline is up to 9 ml. of breast milk at each feeding and Milo is at 7ml. Both babies are currently involved in a study of a human based feeding supplememt called Prolacta. Preemies typically receive a cow based feeding supplement around the time that their feeds reach 100 ml. a day. Because the cow based supplement is difficult to digest, the thought is that a human based supplement such as Prolacta can be introduced once preemies reach 40 ml. a day. Anyway, there is a study underway to determine the benefits of the human based supplement over the cow based supplement, and we're pretty excited that the kids will both get the benefit of the additional nutrition from a human based source. The supplement is in addition to their regular breast milk feedings.


Sarah V said...

It must be so hard to have to wait, but, as you say, at least they are eating and growing, which is going to help them. We will be hoping and praying that Maddy's lungs will be ready sooner than later. Best wishes for better days to come as you make it to week 4. These kids are rather accomplished for being just 4 weeks old and 15 weeks early. Already participating in a! :-)

Sarah, Matthew, and Auden

Jackie k said...

Greg forwarded us your blog and we've read with rapt attention the babies' detailed and uplifting progress. Though improvement at times seems slow we know that with their parents' love and the hosptital's expertise and devotion Milo and Maddy will continue to accomplish great things and grow strong and healthy. You are all in our thoughts and prayers and we hope to meet the dynamic duo in person at some point in the future. Larry and Jackie Knoll