Saturday, July 26, 2008

Three Pounders

Well, the tight race to 3 pounds went fairly decisively to Milo. According to the official weight meisters (i.e. the twins' nurses), Milo not only hit 3 pounds earlier this week, but also managed to put on another few ounces, too -- he's now up to 3 lbs. 3.5 ozs. As great as all that new weight is, some of it is just fluid from being back on IV feedings in preparation for his surgery on Monday.

Despite his PDA, Milo continues to do well on CPAP. His oxygen needs are still relatively low, around 25-29%. Elaine has been able to hold him for the past couple days outside of the isolette and he's done well with it. His PDA constricts a bit periodically. If it manages to close completely before Monday then the surgery is unnecessary -- but that's a long shot.

Maddy is also showing good improvement. She has also hit the 3 lb. mark and is eating well. She's a little more finicky about being held, but she still enjoys it for short periods. Next week, Maddy will start doing "sprints" using a nasal cannula. Making the move to a cannula will represent one of the next important steps forward for the babies. It's basically a more mild delivery system for extra oxygen. The plan is to let Maddy use the cannula for up to an hour at a time and see if she can maintain her oxygen saturations. The better she does, the sooner she can make the move to a cannula full time. Milo will eventually try sprinting too, but it will follow his recovery from his surgery.

The latest pictures:

Above: Milo catching some sleep with his CPAP mask on.

Above: Mellow Milo.

Above: Elaine holds Madeline.

Above: Madeline raises her fist in defiance. "Babies against nasal prongs!" Fight the power little girl!

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