Monday, July 14, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Yesterday M&M hit the one month mark! For the glass-is-half-full types, that's four weeks down. If your glass is half empty, 11 weeks to go (roughly) before the duo comes home.

Milo has done well since Saturday. In the days just after he went on CPAP the doctors thought he may need to go back on a vent, but his oxygen needs have decreased and it looks like he's going to make a go of it. His feedings have also increased, and he's now sucking down about 10 ml. every three hours of breast milk. He's seen some modest weight gain in the past several days and is looking more like a baby and less like a little old man.

Madeline. Unfortunately, Maddy hit some rough patches over the weeked. Particulary during the day time when she experienced several desaturations (drop in the amount of oxygen in the blood), and her supplemental oxygen needs went way up. It was one of the tougher stretches we've faced in the last couple weeks. On the plus side, she is doing much better today. Her oxygen needs have come way down, and she looks much more comfortable.

One other interesting development - M&M are now sporting larger diapers. So it's official -- they are growing. Hope to have some pictures posted later today.


Heather said...

So glad Madie is doing better! I imagine it will be like that (some downs with many ups). It's amazing that they are already one month old! WOW! I am glad to hear that they are growing and are in bigger diapers. That's pretty cool - to me any way. lol! As always you are all in my thoughts and have my love.

"Hi, Bob!" Congrats on being a grandpa! :)


Toni said...

Hey, there,
been thinking of you lots, sorry to hear it was a rough weekend, glad that things are looking up. As always, lots of love & hugs,
Toni, Kevin, Leni & Zoe