Monday, July 21, 2008

The Race to 3 Pounds Resumes!

A few days back you'll recall us bragging that Maddy hit the 3 pound mark. Well, it appears that after a judge's inspection, Maddy's 3 lb title must be revoked. More recent and accurate weighing shows that the race is still on. As of this morning, Maddy weighed 2 lbs 13.9 ozs. Milo is brushing up against 3 pounds, but he weighs in at a spry 2 lbs 15.6 ozs. The easy money says Milo takes this one, but, before you place your bets, know that Milo didn't gain any weight between yesterday and today while Maddy put on 29 grams. Also remember that one decent bowel movement could make all the difference. It's still anyone's race.

In other news, M&M are having another good day. Elaine was able to hold Milo for about an hour outside his isolette, and he also had some fun interaction with Dad while he got fed. (Basically, he stared at me the whole time, sucked on his pacifier, and held my hand.) Maddy is also doing nicely. She has come down on her oxygen needs, and were hoping to do a little holding with her tomorrow.

Mom holds Milo.

Milo pulls Daddy's finger (tee-hee).

Madeline catching a little rest.

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